Learner Spotlight: Slater and Preslee Casaus

Slater and Preslee Casaus

Do you need dog training? No problem! What about a custom-made skateboard? Again, no problem! iLEAD Exploration learners Preslee and Slater Casaus have you covered. This sister and brother duo, who have only just begun their homeschooling journey, definitely demonstrate the growth mindset and a commitment to putting first things first!

Preslee is a very sweet 6th grader with a big heart for all animals. She is continuing to grow in every aspect of her life. She has a passion for writing. She has millions of notebooks full of stories. She is great at keeping reminders and organizing what needs to be done daily. Her future looks bright, and she hopes one day to be a teacher. She loves training her beloved malti-poos, Maggie and Racer. Maggie knows over six tricks! Preslee is also currently learning to rollerblade.

Slater never gives up even when his work gets hard. He keeps pushing himself to learn new things and strives to learn outside his comfort zone. He loves math, and his long-term vision is to one day be an architect. He loves all sports and recently learned how to surf, after crashing many times in the ocean. He never gave up and kept getting back up. He started racing BMX at the age of three, and this has taught him the mindset of hard work. With his dad’s help, he also made his own skateboard and skateboard ramp!


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