Learner Spotlight: The Hingco Family


The Hingco brothers, Isaac and Ben, are active collaborators in their own education, and being learners with iLEAD Exploration allows them to pursue and study the subjects that they are most passionate about. Right now, Isaac, 4th grade, is planning his next coding project; while Ben, 2nd grade, is in the middle of creating an illustrated book about dragons.

Isaac (9) and Benjamin (7) began their homeschooling journey while traveling to Florida. Their keen interest in sea animals made them the most enthusiastic marine biology learners as they snorkeled with manta rays and tropical fish, and also observed penguins firsthand. These brothers love to see the world and are eager to learn as much as they can from every trip, whether it is a plane ride, car ride, or a trek to the nearest trail.

On a road trip through the Sierra Nevadas, Ben and Isaac learned about Native American Indians and the early western settlers. During a trip to Palm Springs, they had a close encounter with World War 2 planes and also took a peek into some U.S. history. In San Diego, they were able to visit the numerous museums in Balboa Park, and absorbed as much information as they could about our natural world, Southern California’s native plants and animals, environmental science, and more.


Learning is always exciting for these two. So even if they’re closer to home, Isaac and Ben can still find (or make up) more educational exploits. Whether it’s finding, identifying, and researching the bugs they find outside; planting and harvesting potatoes; learning to bake muffins; building a toy boat; making a robot; or creating their own video game, the opportunity to learn is everywhere.

Intellectual curiosity is the foundation of all learning that happens within the Hingco household. Their mom actively looks for opportunities to turn their passions, curiosities and interests into active learning. It has led them to learn about World War II, marine biology, computer coding, and more. Isaac has created a game using Scratch and Python (programming languages) and Ben started a garden in his backyard after wondering where potatoes come from.



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Mark your calendars! We are excited to announce that our next field trip release (through the iLEAD Exploration website) will be on Tuesday, December 3 at 10:00 a.m.

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