Learner Spotlight: The Longhenry Family

Longhenry feature pic

The Longhenry family includes learners Ella (3rd grade), Nate (6th grade), Maia (8th grade), and Julianna (10th grade). They are eclectic homeschoolers with classical roots and a bent towards social justice. The Longhenry crew loves visiting national parks, going to the beach, and watching movies together! They LOVE music, so there is almost always music playing on a speaker in their house. Their educational facilitator loves catching bits and pieces of vocals from these songbirds. The music they sing ranges from classical to Hamilton to current hits!

The Longhenry parents are committed to meeting their children’s individual needs and have encouraged their kids to explore new things. The children are actively involved in the National Children’s Chorus, Scouts, dance, theater, and a lot more! Julianna has been taking college classes for two years already, and Maia begins her first community college class this semester! A passion shared by all the Longhenrys is the study of maps and geography. This makes traveling a lot of fun for them! Homeschooling for the Longhenrys is truly a family affair. Once the children start 4th grade, Latin lessons are taught by their Grandma Longhenry via Skype! What a special interaction to have with a grandparent!

When their oldest was five and starting kindergarten, the Longhenry family affectionately started calling their home, “Laurel Wreath Academy”. This name pertains to the laurel wreaths that were awarded to people who successfully completed races in Ancient Greece and Rome. The family’s fun tip to other home-learners: If you haven’t already named your family’s home, do it! It can be a great means to encapsulate your educational philosophy in a fun way!





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