Monthly Subscription Kits


Monthly subscription kits are a wonderful resource to supplement the curriculum you use to teach the core subject areas. These kits are mailed directly to your home each month. Here is a list of iLEAD Exploration vendors who offer subscription kits:

KiwiCo (ages 3-16) – Hands-on science kits
Little Passports (ages 6-12) – Social studies kits that allow you to discover a new country each month with souvenirs and hands-on activities
Raddish (for all ages) – All subjects are taught using cooking as a medium for teaching
M is for Monster (ages preschool to kinder) – Kits include four themes and four activities centered around the theme
Ivy Kids (ages 3-8) – Each kit includes math, literacy and science activities based on a classic children’s book
EEME (ages 7-12) – Hands-on kits and online lessons to teach kids robotics, coding, and electronics
Bitsbox (ages 6-12) – Each level introduces a new computer science concept with a set of amazing app projects
Cultured Owl (ages 6-10) – Each “Country Kit” allows learners to journey to a new land, learning about its people, culture, and way of life
Girls Can! Crate (ages 5-10) – Each kit includes an activity book and STEAM activity to meet a new woman scientist or leader
Groovy Lab in a Box (ages 8+) – Science lab kits that include everything needed to do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics experiments
History Unboxed (ages 5-16) – Immerses learners in lessons that bring the cultures, peoples, and eras of human history to life
Indigo Artbox (ages 5-16) – Art projects combined with art history, instructional videos and material for a fine art project
Super Charged Science (ages 5-16) – Hands-on science curriculum
Young Scientist Club (elementary ages) – Science kits that provide fun and fascination


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