New iLEAD OC Studio Coordinator: Kendra Bailey

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We are super excited to announce our new, highly devoted and experienced iLEAD OC Studio Coordinator, Kendra Bailey, who will be planning and hosting a variety of awesome workshops for our iLEAD learners. Kendra comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are excited to introduce you to her:

What are your plans for the OC Learning Studio?

I envision the studio ultimately being a place for learners, parents and teachers to gather to enjoy learning. From the learner perspective, I would like a variety of opportunities to be available for them including STEM/STEAM activities, project-based learning, collaborative groups, hands-on science, and the list could go on and on. For the parents, I would like the studio to be a place where they have the opportunity to learn from each other, share with each other and have a chance to learn from EFs as well. I would also love to work with vendors and allow them an opportunity to showcase what they have. And finally, I would like the studio to be a ‘hub’ for teachers; it could be used for in-person meetings with families, pod meetings, etc.

For this school year, we are going to focus on creating a place where kids want to be. The studio is going to host once-a-month theme days packed with all kinds of activities. Each theme day will have a STEAM focus with different activities geared for a group of grade levels. Our first fun workshop is Snow Days and it is scheduled for Jan. 26.

In what ways do you think about homeschool kids as you plan all the fun workshops?

While working at a school as the the middle school teacher for our in-person program, I learned what home school learners enjoyed about our in-person days. They love to be with each other. I would like any day at the studio to be sure to allow opportunities for the kids to interact and just enjoy being around each other. With that in mind, having activities where they get a chance to partner or be in a group is a focus. Not every workshop will be like that, but those opportunities are so valuable. I also want to bring to them activities that they may not otherwise do at home, such as a large-scale science experiment or reader’s theater. The studio is a wonderful opportunity to not only provide great learning opportunities, but also develop some valuable life skills, such as working with others.

Have you traveled to any other country?

Yes! Canada – last Christmas (it is a winter wonderland), and England – I was there for work with CAVA. I demonstrated lessons to the teachers there using K12 curriculum in grades 1, 3, and 5. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the schooling process in England and to see the kids. I’ve also been to Mexico (where my husband proposed in Cancun).

Do you have a unique or unusual talent?

I might be a little rusty, but I can belly dance. My instructor would arrange for some of us to perform at restaurants and a few parties. I don’t think I’ll be pulling out my costume any time soon, though!

What are some fun facts about you:

I love to read, run and garden. I find baking a great stress reliever – both for me and the receiver of the goodies. My friends and family have come to look forward to when I feel like trying out a new recipe.

Here are Kendra’s boys holding a homegrown zucchini Trent (almost 13) and Logan (10).


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