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One of the strengths of iLEAD’s program is that our learners have access to a wide variety of curriculum that is suitable for various learning styles. iLEAD’s curriculum team has worked hard to compile a list of popular vendors and curriculum recommended by staff and families for all graduation paths. You may also find many options by looking at the curriculum section on the hub. This search engine allows results to be categorized by grade, subject, and even learning styles! Additionally, a supplementary curriculum search tool was added to the hub over break. This is a great resource for apps and enrichment ideas to engage your learners. For a complete vendor listing, be sure to also utilize the vendor search tool on our website.

Additionally, elective courses are another great way for learners to prepare for their future endeavors. Through curriculum, vendors and community college courses, high schoolers can take a variety of classes in technology, animation, fashion merchandising, film editing, graphic arts, auto mechanics, industrial arts, personal finance, dance, music, robotics, photography, baking, speech and more! Please speak with your EF about your options, as we want our learners to be engaged and excited about the classes they are taking.



Learner Spotlight: The Carey Family

There’s never a dull moment in the Carey household of eight! Whether designing graphics for T-shirts or crafting with wood, they are bursting with curiosity and can always be found diving into experiential projects or exploring the world around them. … Read More


Vendor Spotlight: Summit Writing Academy

Summit Writing Academy is hosting free monthly webinars for parents designed to help their learners with writing. On Jan 24 from 12-1:30 p.m., Summit Writing Academy is focusing on paragraph writing. To learn more or sign up, please visit them here.

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Imaginology: Get Ready to Compete

Have you ever wondered how math can help you cook, what causes a rainbow, or how baby chicks know when to hatch? Set a course for full STEAM ahead to OC Fair’s Imaginology which takes place on April 12-14. OC Fair Imaginology offers… Read More

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