TED Talk on Purpose

MM Purpose

Throughout this year, we will be presenting TED talks each month that focus on iLEAD’s Schoolwide Learner Outcome (SLOs). Please join us on social media for our first TED talk of the year, this Tuesday, September 10 at 12pm and 7pm. We will be focusing on the Schoolwide Learner Outcome: PURPOSE.

Our hope is that you will watch the TED talk and join fellow families on social media as we thoughtfully discuss the video on iLEAD’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

As you watch the video, some great questions for family discussion could be centered around:

  • What goals do you work towards and focus on?
  • What has challenged you this week?
  • How can you meet that challenge?
  • What would you want to create that would make the world more awesome?


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