Student Support Spotlight: Kayla Evans

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Hi! My name is Kayla Evans and I am a virtual education specialist for iLEAD Exploration. I live in Derby, Kansas and have been with iLEAD for a year and a half now. I have two beautiful, yet rambunctious boys who are five and one years old. I also have a pug and a miniature schnauzer; both girls. When free time presents itself, I love taking time to self-reflect through journaling, playing piano and singing, and doing yard work! My lawn and I have a special relationship where I’m pretty sure the lawn is currently winning! Working for iLEAD Exploration has been a true blessing in my life and I really look forward to the coming years and success of our amazing school!

Fun fact: I’ve been in the military, both in active duty and now as an Army Reservist, for 12 years and counting. HOOAH!



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