4 YouTube Channels That Offer Hands-On Science Experiment Videos


Looking for resources to supplement learning at home? You may be surprised that YouTube has a plethora of fun and educational channels for you and your family for all subjects! Here are some YouTube channels that have cool science experiment videos for kids. The advantage of science videos is that the instructions are easy to follow, so after watching the videos, you and kids may want to try them out yourselves!

Sick Science! – Science giant Steve Spangler has a ton of science videos across several YouTube channels and they are all worth checking out. Sick Science! specializes in simple but awesome at-home science experiments.

Crazy Russian Hacker – CRH is simply amazing. He’s got so many unexpected ideas and experiments, from opening a can without a can opener, to how to cut watermelon. If you want to know what happens when you boil Coke, check out his videos!

Incredible Science – Incredible Science has a ton of fun science videos. There are videos that just explain science phenomena to children, as well as a large section of home science experiments.

Fun Science Demos – Dr. George Mehler and Jared Hottenstein invite you to bring fun science demonstrations to your learners. New videos are added every month.


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