Challenge of the Week

Challenge of the Week

MobyMax subscriptions are provided free to iLEAD learners. MobyMax test prep is a comprehensive adaptive review used to improve content knowledge and address gaps in learning for grades K-8.

Your challenge this week is to try the Test Prep Practice Questions:

  • Go to MobyMax Login

  • Enter the Username and Password provided by your EF (this was sent at the beginning of the school year, if you requested the complimentary subscription – if not, please check with your EF)

  • Click on the books icon

  • Click on the Test Prep icon

  • Select a subject and begin


Josh fishing

Learner Spotlight: Joshua Bird

Homeschooling was not the plan for iLEAD Exploration 9th grader Josh Bird, but by the end of 7th grade it was clear to his mom, Mary, that he was not thriving in his brick and mortar school, and something needed…

TED Talk: Zest

Zest is a kind of zeal or enthusiasm for life! Check out this kids’ incredible passion and obvious ZEST for what he is doing and for life in general! What gets you and your kids excited to be alive? What projects, passions,…

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