iLEAD Exploration Spring Testing


Spring testing is under way, and there are a variety of ways our learners are participating!

CAASPP – We are still taking signups for iLEAD’s 2018 CAASPP testing. Your learner’s participation is greatly needed and appreciated. Please speak with your educational facilitator or visit www.caaspp.org for more information and for the sign-up link and resources.

PFT – Physical Fitness Testing has been fun for our 5h, 7th, and 9th graders. We have seen a lot of superstars running the mile in record time! Great job!

MAP – iLEAD’s spring session for MAP Growth testing will be available until the end of the school year. Spring testing is designed to measure how much your learner has grown throughout the year. If your learner tested in the fall, we highly encourage you to have your learner complete this benchmark test again to measure their progress. Let them show off how much they have learned and celebrate their success! Growth tests are offered in the areas of reading (grades K-12), math (grades K-12), and also language usage (grades 2-12). This free and informative measure of growth will be taken online and conducted from your own home on your computer or tablet. You and your educational facilitator will pick a day and time that is convenient for the both of you.

The California Mathematics Placement Act requires public schools to implement a math assessment for all incoming 9th graders to help determine math placement for their first year of high school. This year, iLEAD Exploration will be using MAP testing for our math assessment. If your learner is in 8th grade and will be returning to iLEAD Exploration for 9th grade, this may be taken prior to fall semester. Please contact your educational facilitator to set up a time for your learner to complete the Math 6+ MAP test before the end of the school year.



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