iLEAD Exploration Remains Open Virtually for Learners

iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for current information.

May 13, 2020 @ 07:00

CrossFit Kinnick [S]

Get your kids involved in a fun exercise program designed for them. Kids/Youth will build a solid foundation of strength and conditioning through the 10 physical skills: strength, power, endurance, stamina, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility, balance, and accuracy.
Approved instructor: Kristin Warnick

Sande Strings [S]

Sande Strings offers instruction in Violin, Viola and Cello instruction. Located in Santa Clarita, long time students drive in from Frazier Park, Simi Valley, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Northridge, Lancaster and areas much closer. Learning how to play an instrument, and eventually play with others is one of the most rewarding lifelong skills. While giving our brains a truly amazing workout, music production helps smooth out many emotional skills as well. We believe in passion driven learning, and for many music becomes an integral part of their lives. Los Angeles County. Please see website for more information: Questions, or further instructions , please do not hesitate to contact me! Approved Instructor: Penny Sande

A to Z Soccer Academy [S]

A to Z Soccer Academy offers a unique, insightful approach to teaching kids soccer. A to Z adopts a Montessori style of play, similar to that of street soccer, where kids learn through experience, problem-solving and active fun.
Courses offered at Playa Vista Central Park.
Approved instructor: Manuel Abondano

The Way of the Shadow, Inc. [S]

Our mission is to provide the highest quality martial arts instruction and training in practical self-protection to every student in a disciplined, realistic, safe, and enjoyable manner in order to help the student develop founded confidence and maximize their potential in all areas of life.The Way of the Shadow Martial Arts Academy teaches the art of Kage No Michi Ninjutsu, a modern style of Ninjutsu taught with and based upon traditional values and principles. Using the strategy and theory of the ancient Ninja, this martial art style emphasizes evasion, efficiency, and economy of motion using the entire body as a weapon. We are Training for Life.

Dyslexia Up [S]

Dyslexia Up helps students with tutoring for all subjects and needs. We tutor all students struggling with any subject and are not just limited to dyslexia students. We work with students based on their individual learning style and needs. We aim to foster a love of learning and create a desire for continued growth in academia with confidence. We utilize individualized plans to advance the struggling learner through any obstacles they encounter with positivity and creativity to help them find their strengths. Our focus is to take the frustration out of learning and make it fun for the learner!
Approved Instructor: Emily Wolfe

Science-2-U [P]

Chemistry for Kids Online
We will be learning about physical and chemical changes. The kids will perform experiments where they will witness both physical and chemical changes. They will also make their own solutions, colloids and polymers! Finally, they will use the tests they have learned to become a chemical detective and discover the identity of some unknown substances. This class uses household items that can be purchased before starting the class. A list of supplies will be included. There is also an option to buy a box of supplies for all of the experiments. Class will include, 4 modules. Each module includes a video for students to follow along and do experiments with, 4 video lessons for the parents showing them what the students will need to fill out in their worksheets -should they want the students to do that- and the paperwork for all 4 lessons so the kids can document their data. We will also a private group where the students can talk to other students in the class. Finally, the class will conclude with a live zoom meeting with Jill Wilcox so the students and parents can ask questions and share their experiences. We recommend this for K-5th grade level students.

California Youth Chess League (Valencia) [S]

California Youth Chess League offers small group chess instruction in Trinity Classical Academy building. The classes are not affiliated with Trinity. Chess lessons and play have been shown to improve the reading and math skills of students who play at least one hour each week. Chess teaches logic, critical thinking, calculation, cause and effect, and, as students progress, will teach mathematical concepts such as balancing equations, the commutative property of addition, and set and subset comparisons.

Common Thread Claremont [S]

Common Thread is a sewing studio is located in Claremont, CA. – Formerly SEWCIETY Studio. We offer sewing and craft classes for beginning to advanced sewists. We keep our classes small and we go at a friendly pace so students get a more individualized experience. We supply sewing machines and all materials needed to complete projects. We serve students from Los Angeles, Imperial, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties. Our Common Thread motto is: Provide an inspirational and educational experience, encourage others, cultivate and promote happiness, provide a great experience and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!
Approved instructor: Yvonne Coleman

Cavco Enterprises, Inc. [S]

Temecula Valley Driving School, located in Temecula, targets drivers education. Our course is approved by the State of California. No matter where you live in California this course satisfies the requirement to take your permit test.You must be at least 15 years old to start. Our Online Course is an 11 Chapter at your own pace course. Your California State Certificate of Completion is included. Our course is a Fast, Easy and Convenient way to satisfy the DMV Drivers Ed Requirement for Teens under 17 1/2. The mission of our drivers training program is to provide young motorists the opportunity to apply the knowledge taught by our drivers education program.

Guitar Center Stores – Sherman Oaks [S]

Guitar Center Lessons Sherman Oaks offers one-on-one instruction in guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals.
We also offer group instruction, DJ lessons, music production classes for learning popular DAWs – digital audio workstations, and lessons in band and orchestral instruments.

Guitar Center offers 2 lesson types. We recommend 30-minute lessons to allow young/beginner students to learn the basics of their instrument and to start playing songs. We recommend 60-minute lessons for more advanced students looking to progress faster and to focus on the finer points of technique.

We are the largest music retailer in the nation able to accommodate all of you instrument and curriculum needs.
Approved Instructor: Veronica Ratcliff for voice, violin, Paul G Labinski for drums

New Form Training [S]

New Form Training is a Los Angeles based private soccer training company that focuses on motivating young individuals to advance their technical playing skills and improve their overall athletic fitness.
Our goal at NFT is to provide a platform for players to get the level of attention, repetition, and feedback that they need to grow. Our professional trainers, customized session plans, positive atmosphere, and unique approach towards balancing productivity and enjoyment, cannot be replicated. Each of our sessions consist of a full hour dedicated to your child’s progress in technical skill, speed, strength, agility, and fitness.
Approved instructor: Taylor Bowlin

The ARTree Community Arts Center [S]

The ARTree Community Arts Center provides classes exposing students to a variety of media and art techniques. Our goal is to provide a broad framework for creativity, experimentation and exploration in visual art. Our teaching artists present techniques in media including pencil/charcoal, acrylic and watercolor painting, collage and sculpture. Art concepts covered include values/contrast, color blending, composition, use of found objects, and communication through art.
Approved instructors: Sharon Carlson, Paula Dwyer, Kay Kaminski, Karen Martinez

Masters of Performing Arts [S]

The Masters of Performing Arts is lead by power couple Hayley and Hilario Cabral. They specialize in specialty act entertainment and provide instruction in handbalancing, contortion, gymnastics, martial arts, drumming and dance. With over 30 years of experience in Las Vegas productions and over 30 countries world wide, Hayley and Hilario pass on their real life professional knowledge to the next generation of artists and athletes.
Approved Instructors: Hayley Kent Cabral, Hilario Cabral

Mathnasium of University Irvine [S]

Mathnasium of University Irvine: 5321 University Dr. C -Second Floor, Irvine, CA 92612 is in the shopping center called Parkview Center. We help kids in grades K-12 understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. When math makes sense, kids leap way ahead – whether they started out far behind or already ahead in math. Our formula for teaching kids math, the Mathnasium Method, has transformed the way kids learn math for over a decade across 1,000 plus centers in the US and Canada. Mathnasium instructors use our unique assessment process to determine -with great accuracy- exactly what each child knows and what they need to learn.
Approved instructor: Dong Hyun Kim

Huston Performing Arts, LLC [S]

Huston Performing Arts, Huston School of Music and Theatre, is a wonderful, family-friendly studio that offers top quality instruction by loving teachers in private voice, guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, drums, violin, viola, non-competitive dance classes in jazz, tap, ballet, group voice, acting, strings ensemble, and a cappella vocal ensemble. They also provide excellent instruction in musical theater with regular full-length productions, and have strong success with audition coaching. Huston teachers are well-trained and experienced with multiple levels and ages, and love working with students to see them grow and develop their craft.
Approved instructor: Kris Huston

Pasadena Conservatory of Music [S]

The Conservatory offers a broad range of programs that are organized into 10 departments: Young Musicians, Strings, Guitar, Piano, Vocal Arts, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion, Jazz Studies, Theory, History, and Composition, Chamber Music, and Outreach. We are located in Pasadena and lessons/classes are all on our campus. Our students come from all over the Los Angeles, San Gabriel and San Fernando Counties.

Imagine Reading Games [P]

Imagine Reading Games offers eight levels of game sets tailored to help students master the skills taught in the Barton Reading & Spelling Program. Our games are a valuable asset to tutors and teachers working with dyslexic students or students with reading and spelling issues. The games are designed to reinforce and practice reading and written language skills.

Sage Coaching [S]

I work with students ages 3 to 18 in the following areas: general academic tutoring multiple subject, essay writing/editing support, public speaking, acting coaching, and music instruction.
Approved instructor: Sage Spencer

City of La Mirada [S]

Educational/recreation classes

Caique – Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [S]

Caique Gracie-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, located in Lomita and Palos Verdes, CA teaches self-defense through verbal and physical skills. Students learn how to prevent a confrontation and how to defend them selves from a physical attack using Gracie-Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Our mission is to help every child improve their verbal, mental and physical skills. In addition to learning how to defend themselves. Martial Arts is much more than just self-defense. It’s about developing self-confidence and self-control, improved focus, physical strength, and positive social interaction. All the while having fun and making friends within a safe, clean and positive environment.

M & M Surfing School [S]

M&M surfing school is a family owned and operated business that has offered surfing lessons to people of all ages for the past 25 years. We have really enjoyed working with homeschoolers who can use surfing to meet their P.E. requirements. We meet on the north side of the Seal Beach pier. Lessons start daily at 8:00 a.m. and run till 11:00 a.m. A loaner wetsuit and surfboard are included in the price of the lessons. We have 3 class levels which are 101 beginning , 102 intermediate and 103 advanced. You choose any 2 days a week that you would like to come for a month. Our focus on safety and fun will have you coming back for more. Physical Education in Orange County.

Womple Studios LLC [P]

What if your child could travel the world right from your living room? Get fun and exciting global adventures delivered straight to your kid every month with WompleMail – creating global citizens through screen-free exploration. Grow your child’s curiosity, world knowledge, empathy, and understanding of different while encouraging reading and building their self-confidence.

WompleMail is a monthly subscription box for kids 6-11 that features a new, amazing place in the world every month. Kids will be transported to far off locations like Tanzania, Rapa Nui, and Sri Lanka to explore and truly experience different cultures, extraordinary animals, amazing natural landmarks, and fascinating histories. Each box comes with a colorful, full-length book about an adventure to a new location, a creative craft activity that is culturally meaningful, fold-out map and country guide with recipes and activities, keepsake collectible, and more.

Project Learn LLC [S]

Project Learn is proud to support all homeschooling families. We offer a rich community experience, in order to give students unique learning opportunities, while fostering a love of life-long learning. We focus on Project-Based learning -PBL- through the cross-curricular classes that we offer, as well as nature study adventures and various elective classes. This allows for all the freedom and flexibility of homeschool, mixed with the support of a community, and the many opportunities for positive social development and learning that happen in a group environment.
Approved Instructors: Mihaela Champion, Kathryn Nykamp, Liliana Pinault, Thomas Nykamp, Tammy Bulford, Kayce Padilla, Erica L Barraza , Rebecca L Pelishek, Marissa B Patton, Alexis A Sawyer, Johanna J Sherley, Courtney A Wright, Karen Rodriquez

LA Acting Studios [S]

LA Acting Studios located in North Hollywood serves young actors that come to us from all over the world. We have many student from Los Angeles, San Fernando, and Orange Counties. We offer innovative onset, on camera acting training classes for tv and film. We provide the opportunity for our students to experience what it’s like each month on a real film set with professional instruction. At the end of the course a full crew and professional direction creates the full gamut for artistic, technical and practical experience by cinematically filming scenes worked on for the month. Footage from every class is included.
Approved Instructor: Morgan Hill, Rosie Rountree

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