Vendor FAQs

Current Vendors FAQ

As a Service Vendor, how do I get paid?

Great question. Please review the Billing Information we provided when you first became an Approved Vendor. You will find detailed information there. In a nutshell, once a purchase order is received and all lessons are completed, you will log into your Vendor Billing Site (also provided when you became a vendor) and sign the online purchase order. Once that is done, it becomes an electronic invoice and is sent to our Accounting Department’s queue for payment.

If you broke down the total payment into monthly payments, you will sign the online purchase order at the end of each month when lessons for the month have been completed. If you requested full semester payment, you will sign the purchase order at the end of the semester when all lessons have been completed.

As a Materials Vendor, how do I get paid?

Once a purchase order is received and materials are sent, please send an invoice to the Vendor Department. Without a current invoice, no payment will be rendered. Once all materials are received and the invoice is received, payment will be made (net 30). Send your invoice to

I sent in an invoice. Why haven’t I received payment?

All invoices from vendors are paid on “net 30₺ terms as referenced in our vendor agreements. In other words, once we receive your correct invoice, we will send payment within 30 days. Service / Instructor Vendors must use the Online Billing Site to generate their invoices.

I am on the Vendor Billing Site and I do not see a purchase order for my student(s).

Vendors should NOT provide any service or materials to any iLEAD student without having a current purchase order (PO). We will only pay for classes or materials after a purchase order has been processed. If you do not see a PO that you are expecting, please contact the parent and make sure they sent a request in plenty of time.

What if some of the items on the purchase order are not available?

We do not accept any back orders. Please do not substitute the item, simply cancel it and let us know.

My contact information has changed. How should I inform iLEAD?

Please email your new information to Please also type your subject as: NEW CONTACT INFORMATION so that we can get that to the Accounting Dept. before any payments go out.

New Vendor Requests FAQ

Can anyone request a new Materials or Service Vendor?

Parents and Educational Facilitators (EF) expand our vendor list. Vendors are “sponsored” by iLEAD staff members or families. If you have a student with iLEAD, you can become a vendor but your children cannot use their funds for your services.

I am a parent; how do I request a new Service Vendor?

Talk to the vendor and ask them if they are interested in being a vendor for us. Make sure they: (1) do not provide any religious materials or services, (2) have a business license, and (3) accept Purchase Orders. If they agree to these requirements, complete a New Vendor Request Form and then give it to your Educational Facilitator (EF).

I am an iLEAD parent; how do I request a new Materials Vendor?

Do some research online and make sure the Materials Vendor: (1) Vendor must sell non‐sectarian materials (2) is open to the general public and (3) will accept Purchase Orders. After you have researched the vendor, complete the online New Vendor Request Form.

How long does it take for my requested vendor to become an Approved Vendor?

The approval process requires both information from the vendor and specific steps to be completed by third party agencies that are all beyond our control. Some vendors do not put a high priority on completing their applications and others never complete them at all. Others do not send in the proper documentation and we cannot approve them without those items. In addition, the fingerprinting clearance is done by an outside agency and sometimes their processes take longer than expected. So as you can see, we have no real control over the timeline of the application process. If you can encourage your potential vendor through the process, that can be helpful.

Potential Vendor FAQ

How do I become a Service / Instructor Vendor?

Parents and Educational Facilitator (EF) help build our vendor list. Vendors are “sponsored” by iLEAD staff members or families. If a family would like to have your program provide services for their students, they should complete a New Vendor Request Form form and submit it to their EF for review. Once that happens, it gets forwarded to the Vendor Relations Dept. After the request is completed, a link will be provided directing you to the online application form.

Is there a fee to become a vendor?

No, we do not charge a fee to become a vendor but all our Service / Instructor Vendors must get a LIVE SCAN Fingerprinting completed at a Live Scan Agency which involves a fee. iLEAD will not reimburse that fee.

I had a LIVE SCAN done with another school; do I have to LIVE SCAN again?

Yes. Because of the confidential nature of the LIVE SCAN information, it is against the law to share results with anyone. We require that all our vendors be DOJ cleared prior to establishing contact with any of our students.

Do I have to fingerprint all of my employees/volunteers?

Yes. They must be fingerprinted as required by the State of California. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has established guidelines for any agency to obtain State summary criminal information for volunteers other than those covered under the Education Code Section 109115.5 Public Resource Code 5164 and Penal Code 11105.3. Due to the classification “all those who are involved in the care, security of children or contact with children” “volunteer or coaches”, all those who have direct contact with the students, must be fingerprinted.

An employee who completed the Live Scan process for my business is no longer an employee, but I have a new employee. Is there something I must do?

If you have an ORI# with the DOJ, it is your responsibility to be sure that any current or new employee has been background checked if they will have direct contact with our students.

If you do not have an ORI# with the DOJ, then you will need to have a LIVE SCAN done using OUR form for any new employee AND we must receive the results from the DOJ BEFORE the new employee can have direct contact with our students. Please contact our Vendor Department to request a LIVE SCAN form for any new employees.

If you are found non‐compliant with obtaining new LIVE SCANS for any new employees, then the Service Agreement will no longer be valid and any currently processed purchase orders (POs) will be canceled and subsequently no payment will be made.

Instructional Funds

Do we receive Instructional Funds and use them with the vendors directly?

These funds are allocated for student use – but they are still ‘school funds’.  Parents are allowed a say in what the funds can be used for (within certain guidelines).  With the help of your EF, you will be able to make requests about how you want to allocate those funds for your student(s).  After your EF reviews your order, he/she will submit that to the Vendor Team for ordering.  All materials ordered are the property of the school and if a student withdraws at any time, materials will need to be returned to the EF immediately.

How much Instructional Funds are allotted per student?

Depending on the grade level of your student and the program, there will be $2600 (TK-8) and $2800 (9-12) allotted to request the purchase of approved educational materials and services. For our Lancaster and SCVi school-affiliated home study, contact your EF as amounts vary per school dependent upon unique offerings and opportunities provided for students at each location.

Does that amount change if I enroll late?

Yes.  Instructional fund allotments depreciate daily depending on the day of actual enrollment.  Learners who are officially enrolled on or before Sept 1 will get the full allotment of funds.  Enroll early to get the maximum amount of funds.

Will we be able to use the Instructional Funds for enrichment classes?

Yes.  However, students must confirm, with their Educational Facilitator,  that they have enough materials and/or services in the core subject areas before enrichment classes will be approved.  Students must be current with their learning period meetings, attendance logs and samples to be approved as well.  (Even more so for high school learners.)

Can we use all the funds at one time?

No.  The funds are spread out through the year.

  • early August (just a bit to get some items to start the year):  $300 K-8,  $450 High School
  • first day of school (actual order day!):  $700 K-8,  $850 High School
  • December:  $1000 K-8,  $1300 High School

For our Lancaster and SCVi school-affiliated home study, contact your EF as amounts vary per school dependent upon unique offerings and opportunities provided for students at each location.

Where can we order books and materials?

There are several vendors on our vendor list that you can select from.  The most popular is Rainbow Resource because they carry so many items.  Please remember to add approximately 20-25% to your materials order to cover any shipping, taxes and/or handling fees required by the company.

Is there a deadline to order materials?

Yes.  Check with your EF for specific dates as they vary from year to year.

When do I have to return these materials?

When a student is withdraws from the school, all the materials purchased with the state funds must be returned to the school within 3 days, otherwise you will be billed and transcripts will be held.

Also, when materials are no longer being used by the student, the materials must be returned to the school via the EF.

During summer breaks, if you are continuing with the school in the Fall, and your learner or his/her sibling can still use the materials, you may continue to use it.

What happens if we break or lose one of the items?

If any item purchased by the school for instructional use is lost or broken by a student, the student must pay to replace the item.