Laura Kazan

College Advisor

Program: Classic Home Study
Function: High School

About Laura

Laura Kazan joined the homeschool world by accident. After pulling her younger son out of traditional middle school, she realized that nontraditional education would provide him with far more opportunities for college. She received her master’s degree in education with an emphasis in higher education from Claremont Graduate University and has a certificate in college admission counseling from the University of California, Riverside. Before homeschooling, she was a university researcher regularly analyzing college admission trends. After becoming a homeschool mom, she began providing college advisement to nontraditional learners.

Laura has lived and taught in a variety of cities, states, and countries. She spent a season of her life working on a cruise ship and teaching English in a foreign country, and has since realized that her favorite vacation is staying home with her family, cat, and dog.

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