Personalized Home Study (TK-8)

Serving Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties

iLEAD Exploration is passionate about personalized learning. By utilizing iLEAD’s program offerings, staff and vendors, families are encouraged to create a learning environment just right for each uniquely gifted learner in their home. Under the guidance of a credentialed educational facilitator, families select curriculum, learning center classes, lessons and/or tutoring to achieve their educational goals. iLEAD Exploration celebrates and fosters each child’s individuality, empowering them to discover their highest potential. Families blend rigor with creativity and flexibility to enrich their child’s learning. iLEAD Exploration also values community, providing opportunities to foster friendships through a variety of field trips, service projects, park days and parent gatherings.

Our dedicated, extensively trained, caring and highly qualified educational facilitators partner with your family to provide encouragement, support and expertise throughout these formative years. Your family will meet with your educational facilitator every 20 days to share learning activities and submit samples for that learning period. Additionally, families are required to track attendance and submit a monthly unit log.

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Learner Spotlight: Montalvo Family
The Montalvo learners count their blessings on both hands. First and foremost, 12th grader Andrea is thankful for her family. She describes her family as “always being there for each other.” She goes on to say, “They are my number-one...
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