Learner: Ordering FAQ


What is a vendor?

A vendor is a person or company that provides an educational resource or service as an independent contractor. Vendors must undergo an application process to be on iLEAD’s approved vendor list. Our credentialed teachers guide families in the selection of academic materials and services from our approved vendors that support the educational goals of the learner using instructional funds. All orders are subject to guidelines, so check with your educational facilitator if you have questions.

Is there a deadline to order materials?

Yes. Check the Ordering Handbook or ask your educational facilitator for specific dates, as they vary from year to year.

What happens if we accidentally break or lose one of the items?

If any item ordered by the school for instructional use is lost or broken by a learner, the family must pay to replace the item.

When do I return materials?

When a learner withdraws from the school, all materials ordered with instructional funds must be returned to the school within three (3) days. When materials are no longer being used by a learner, the materials must be returned to the school via the educational facilitator.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines on what can be ordered?

Yes. Items ordered with instructional funds should support learning within the school year and are limited to basic, economy-grade items. Instructional funds cannot be used for religious or sectarian materials. Please log in to the Hub section of our website and refer to the Ordering Handbook.

May I use instructional funds to purchase a computer?

Yes. Laptops and tablets are non-consumable items that may be requested with instructional funds. These items must be returned to the school upon withdrawal. For more specifics, please log in to the Hub and refer to the Ordering Handbook Technology section.

How do I submit an order request?

Meet with your educational facilitator to discuss the individualized learning plan (ILP). Collaborate with your educational facilitator to determine the educational resources required to support the ILP. Then, log in to the Hub on our website to access all ordering forms and place your order request. All items are subject to final approval.

Your educational facilitator is available to provide support as you submit your orders.

Does the instructional funding amount change if a learner enrolls late?

Yes. Instructional fund allotments depreciate daily depending on the date of actual enrollment. Enroll early to receive the maximum amount of funds. Please email enrollment@iLEADexploration.org if you have further questions.

How much are the allotted instructional funds per learner?

Depending on the grade level of your learner, the date of enrollment, and the program in which they are enrolled, a maximum of $2,600 (TK/K), $3,100 (grades 1st-8th) and $3,500 (grades 9th-12th) will be allotted to request educational materials and services from approved vendors. For our learners who participate in iLEAD learning studios (Agua Dulce, Lancaster, Orange County, or Santa Clarita Valley), please contact your educational facilitator, as amounts may vary per program depending upon the unique educational opportunities provided at each location.

Do learners receive instructional funds and use them with the vendors directly?

Instructional funds are allocated for learner use, but they are still considered school funds. Following certain guidelines, families will collaborate with their educational facilitator to make decisions that benefit the educational path of their learner(s). Once your educational facilitator reviews the order, they will submit the request to the vendor department for final approval before ordering. All materials ordered are the property of iLEAD Exploration. If a learner withdraws at any time, materials will need to be immediately returned to the educational facilitator.

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