Entertainment Work Permits

iLEAD Exploration Personalized Home Study (TK-12)

The issuance of entertainment industry work permits is conditional upon satisfactory school attendance and academic performance. These permits are to be used only for the entertainment industry. Please follow these steps to complete an application for permission to work in the entertainment industry:

    1. If you have an account with the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, please log in to your account and generate the watermarked permit. This form will allow the permit to be emailed to you and uploaded to the website. You will not have to mail or take the permit to the office. Go to Step 4.
    2. If you do not have an online account, please download the DLSE-277 form.
    3. Complete the personal information portion (but do not sign yet), and indicate whether or not your child requires medical approval to obtain a permit. You will add your signature once you receive the form from the school.
    4. Scan/photograph the completed form and email it to your EF.
      **Please include the home address where the final form should be mailed.
    5. Once the permit is verified, your EF will submit the permit to be generated by the Enrollment Department. The permit will be signed and emailed or mailed back to you within two to three business days. Remember: Only the watermarked form generated from your personal account can be emailed back to you.
    6. When you have received the entertainment/work permit that has been signed by the school administrator, please sign the entertainment permit (so both signatures are wet).
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