Personalized Home Study (High School)

Serving Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties

iLEAD Exploration is passionate about personalized learning, offering customizable options for high schoolers to satisfy graduation requirements. Under the guidance of an educational facilitator, counselor, and college advisor, high schoolers create a standards-based individualized learning plan and assignment work record (ILP/AWR) that encompasses a combination of tutoring, flexible a-g curriculum options, and online courses to support their college and career goals. Instructional funds are used to support and enhance each learner’s individualized learning plan.

Our dedicated, caring, and highly qualified staff will partner with your family to plan, advise, and encourage throughout the high school years. The educational facilitator will work with the family prior to the learning period to develop meaningful, standards-based assignments using the learner’s passions/interests, curriculum and educational activities. During weekly check-ins or monthly learning period meetings, families will share all learning activities and assignments from their individualized learning plans. Work samples are collected for every subject, and parents will sign a learning log to verify student engagement.

iLEAD Exploration also values community. We foster friendships through a variety of activities including interest-based clubs, ASB, National Honor Society, field studies, service projects, webinars, enrichment activities, and other social meet ups. All 9-12th graders are invited to participate in prom during the spring. Once learners fulfill their graduation requirements, they may participate in our end-of-the-year graduation ceremony and Grad Bash at Hollywood Universal Studios.


Our Paths

High school should be a time of discovery, curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Our high school options allow learners the flexibility to pursue their interests and passions as they explore college and career interests.

  1. A-G Track: Learners who are planning on directly attending a University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) are required to complete specific UC Admissions Requirements during their high school experience. These a-g requirements may be met with iLEAD in a variety of ways. If an a-g vendor offers AP courses, then those classes are accessible to our iLEAD learners as well. Check with your educational facilitator for additional a-g and AP courses that are approved for our program. This track requires 240 credits to graduate.
  2. Customized Track: Learners who choose customized instruction follow a flexible plan that is developed with the parent, high school counselor, and educational facilitator. The customized path includes a variety of course options and requires 180-210 credits to graduate depending upon your learner’s passions and goals.

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  • "I have had such a great experience with iLEAD!"
    – Parent of a transitional kindergarten learner
  • "My EF and communication with the school have been great."
    – Parent of a 1st and 4th grade learners
  • "We love iLEAD and our awesome EF! We are very appreciative of everything our EF and the vendor team have done in trying to get Kern County vendors on board with iLEAD."
    – Parent of a sixth grade learner
  • "I am very pleased with how well organized iLEAD Exploration is. I like the Monday Message and the quick turnover to get supplies and services paid."
    – Parent of a third grade learner
  • "Our EF has gone above and beyond in empowering us in our first year of our homeschool journey."
    – Parent of a kindergarten learner
  • "I appreciate all the help with high school level learning."
    – Parent of fifth and ninth grade learners
  • "The staff works so incredibly hard for us! Thank you for all you do!"
    – Parent of a first grade learner
  • "I really love my EF! She’s super organized, very encouraging, and is always available to answer questions or offer suggestions."
    – Parent of kindergarten, second and fourth grade learners
  • "We loved the service projects and field trips offered by iLEAD Exploration!"
    – Parent of a sixth grade learner
  • "Our EF is always there and more supportive than I could ever ask for."
    – Parent of first and third grade learners
  • "I love my EF so much that I won’t look elsewhere. We want to be with our EF forever and love many other policies that are in place with iLEAD."
    – Parent of fourth, sixth and seventh grade learners
  • "My EF has made it an amazing year! We love iLEAD Exploration and plan to continue for my daughter’s high school years."
    – Parent of sixth and seventh grade learners
  • "I absolutely love our EF. She has been incredibly helpful and supportive."
    – Parent of second and third grade learners
  • "My wonderful EF and support staff have been phenomenal with their expertise, professionalism, creativity and warmth."
    – Parent of a fifth grade learner
  • "So thankful for our EF. My kids like showing their work to her​ each month."
    – Parent of third and fifth grade learners
  • "Our EF has made us fall in love with our homeschooling journey!"
    – Parent of sixth and ninth grade learners
  • "We love our EF and we love that iLEAD lets parents choose their own curriculum. Thank you!"
    – Parent of kindergarten, second, fourth, sixth, seventh and ninth grade learners
  • "We enjoy our educational partnership with iLEAD and love working with our facilitator!"
    – Parent of a seventh grade learner

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