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iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for current information.

Mar 19, 2020 @ 13:49

Personalized Home Study (High School)

Serving Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties

2019-2020 iLEAD Exploration High School Profile

high-school.jpgiLEAD Exploration is passionate about personalized learning, offering a variety of options for high schoolers to choose a path that best suits their academic goals and lifelong pursuits. With the support of an educational facilitator, high school advisors, and a high school counselor, our high school learners create a plan encompassing a mix of in-person classes, tutoring, flexible a-g curriculum options, and online courses to accomplish their learning objectives. iLEAD Exploration high schoolers also have the opportunity to access iLEAD Online courses which are project based, flexible, rigorous, a-g classes created and designed by iLEAD facilitators. Families blend rigor with creativity and flexibility to enrich their child’s learning while empowering them to reach their highest potential.

Our dedicated, extensively trained, caring and highly qualified educational facilitators partner with your family to provide encouragement, support and expertise during the high school years. A collaborative effort between the learner, family, facilitator and high school counselor will support and encourage your family each step of the way, whether it be developing a four year plan or concurrent enrollment. Your family will meet with your educational facilitator every 20 days to share learning activities and submit samples for that learning period. Additionally, families are required to track attendance and submit a monthly unit log with grades.

iLEAD Exploration also values community, providing opportunities to foster friendships through a variety of field trips, service projects, park days and parent gatherings, some of which are specific for high schoolers only. We aim to be of service and support to our high school parents by offering webinars specifically focused on high school topics, as well as more informal coffee chats in your area to connect with other high school families.

Our Paths

High school should be a time of discovery, curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Our high school options allow families the flexibility to determine how they will use the allotted instructional funds to select the level of rigor and assistance needed to successfully home school throughout the high school years.

1. Customized Track

Learners who choose customized instruction follow a flexible plan that is developed with the parent and educational facilitator. The customized option includes a variety of instructional opportunities including courses designed and taken online, at home, through a learning center or community college, or a blend of all of the above. Your educational facilitator will be happy to suggest specific curricula or local learning center options that might be right for your learner. This track requires 180-210 credits to graduate depending upon your learner’s passions and goals.

2. A-G Track

Learners who are planning on directly attending a University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) are required to complete specific UC Admissions Requirements during their high school experience. These a-g requirements may be met with iLEAD through a number of approved vendors including iLEAD Online, APEX Learning, OdysseyWare, Inc, Acellus (approved courses), UC Scout and more. If an a-g vendor offers AP courses, then those classes are accessible to our iLEAD learners as well. Check with your educational facilitator for additional a-g and AP courses that are approved for our program. This track requires 240 credits to graduate.

Once you are enrolled in our program, please log into the Hub for more information on these paths.


Once learners fulfill their graduation requirements, they may participate in our end-of-the-year graduation ceremony. Friends and family gather to celebrate our accomplished learners receive their high school diplomas and officially completing this important milestone. Graduating seniors within the home study program are also welcome to participate in graduation activities at some of our site-based schools.


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