iLEAD Exploration Remains Open Virtually for Learners

iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for resources.

Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

virtual field trips

Virtual Field Trips

virtual field trip

As we get closer to the end of the school year, you may be looking for some fun enrichment activities to engage your learners. We would like to introduce this website that offers you free virtual field trips by grade level. You can find everything from an M&M factory tour to live cams at the San Diego Zoo. Have fun exploring!

32 Virtual Field Trips for American History


Have you ever spent the time and money to meticulously plan and organize an amazing field trip for your learner only to be rained out of any learning to be had? We have all been there. Nothing beats the educational experience of learning through a hands-on field trip, but sometimes life just does not align for these trips to happen.

Virtual field trips are an alternative to packing snacks, checking the weather, loading the van and buying tickets to go somewhere. Bookshark offers a list of these experiences particularly for those looking to enhance their learning of American history. Besides supplementing your American history curriculum, virtual field trips also provide a way for your child to explore places that may be inaccessible. Happy exploring!


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