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iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for resources.

Jul 27, 2020 @ 01:00

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Calling All Super Parents!


Super Parents June 2020

Virtual Field Trips

virtual field trip

As we get closer to the end of the school year, you may be looking for some fun enrichment activities to engage your learners. We would like to introduce this website that offers you free virtual field trips by grade level. You can find everything from an M&M factory tour to live cams at the San Diego Zoo. Have fun exploring!

Calling All Super Parents!


Super Parents June 2020

CTE Labs at Community Colleges

Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education is an exciting and ever-evolving frontier in California. Our community colleges started receiving grant funding to build out incredible labs for their CTE pathways, and they have created some wonderful hands-on opportunities, of which many of our learners can take advantage. Below are just some of the many offerings available. Reach out to your EF or for more information.

  • Aeronautical and Aviation Technology at Antelope Valley College has labs taught by industry professionals where learners can work on actual engines from aircraft. This program also boasts a 95% employment placement rate.
  • Athletic Training at Cerritos College gives learners the opportunity to practice movement as well as injury prevention and management with industry experts. Many of these courses also transfer to degrees in kinesiology.
  • Welding CTE at Orange Coast College has over nine available certifications. These hands-on courses enable learners to prepare for careers in the fields of welding inspectors, welding engineers, welding supervisors, and advanced welders.
  • Technical Theater at Pierce College offers a certificate that enables learners to work as lighting and stagecraft designers and builders. This program is hands-on, working with the performing arts pathways to design and build shows at the school’s theater.
  • Visual Display and Presentation at Saddleback College offers a certificate in which learners have the opportunity to design, prep, and shoot merchandise for advertisements as well as hands-on experience with creating window displays.

Please note that completing pathways does not guarantee certification. Most certifications require successful pathway completion and successfully passing the professional exam for that field.

Summer School Options


Summer is a good time to catch up or get ahead on credits toward graduation. Community college classes may be a good fit, but be aware that for this summer, courses are being offered only in an online format. Until June 12, you may submit paperwork to your EF. Requests for dual enrollment signatures after that must be sent to Colleges permit a maximum of five units during the summer. Another option for summer credit is to take free classes through iLEAD Online. Their summer program starts on July 1, and enrollment information can be found on the iLEAD Online website.

Dual Enrollment Reminders


Spring 2020
Remember to request a transcript to be sent to iLEAD Exploration/Hybrid when your community college course is complete. E-script (Electronic Transcript) is the quickest and best way to send transcripts. Click HERE for a list of participating schools. If your college is not participating in e-script, the hard-copy original transcripts will need to be either hand-delivered (keep envelope sealed) or mailed to:
iLEAD Hybrid/Exploration Registrar
3843 S. Bristol St. #616
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Summer and Fall
Due to changes with Covid-19, enrolling in a dual enrollment course may look different than it has in the past. Please refer to the individual college for specific directions on how to submit the signed dual enrollment form, and keep in contact with your EF. Please note that due to summer break, if a form is submitted for signature after June 12, there may be a delay in getting a signature, but paperwork will continue to be signed over summer.

Planning For College


Jobs, Internships, Community Service, and Caring

For colleges using a holistic approach to admissions (not just grades and test scores), work and community service can be important ways to bolster your application.

Paid Work Experience

Summers, weekends, or anytime, employment is considered a solid extracurricular activity. Employment shows you are dependable, hardworking, and independent. With many opportunities to work on campus, admission officers will know you’ll be a solid member of the community and fill needed roles. Work can take many forms: McDonald’s, babysitting, and lifeguarding are all great choices. It’s also a perfect way to save up money for college!

Unpaid Work Experience

From internships to caring for younger siblings, it is all important. While some may be able to access exciting internships, learners who take care of younger siblings, grandparents, or help family friends and neighbors are just as important, and their unpaid work will be seen with value. Learners who wish to step into more of a traditional internship experience will have to do a bit of work. Reach out to individuals who work in fields in which you may be interested, or speak with facilitators or professors to explore opportunities. Internships and networking are part of the process. In fact, you may be able to get a great recommendation letter for college if you do well in your internship.

Community Service

Authentic community service that matters to you is what’s important. Look into your community and see what is needed, what is missing, and where you can help. Look to your place of worship, your local food banks, and your local political campaigns. What organizations or activities matter to you? You shouldn’t be thinking about what college admission officers want to see. You should be thinking about what is important to you.


In 2016, Harvard, along with a coalition of 50 colleges, created a guide to cultivating concern for others through the college admission process. Check out the summary for a better understanding of meaningful service:

Turning the Tide

In a second report, Harvard created a guide to services and caring for parents and schools. Parents, this guide can assist you in helping your college-bound learner reduce stress and encourage meaningful engagement during high school:

Turning the Tide 2

Literary Writing Analysis Webinar


Literary Analysis Writing

Homeschooling Answers

Free Online Resources for High School Learners

The iLEAD Maker team has put together a wonderful resource with many activities and websites for parents, educators, and students alike. There are challenges and fun activities for all ages. You can check it out here.

Financing College

Financing college

Financing College for High School Families

Write at Home: Developing Teen Writers Webinar

Wrie at home

We hope you enjoyed the webinar last week with Write At Home. In an effort to support our families, Write At Home is excited to host more webinars to help in your writing endeavors. To learn more about Write at Home, please visit them here. Please see the flier for registration and webinar details.


Virtual Pet Show and Tell


Show and Tell (1)

School-Wide Learner Outcome: Social Intelligence

social_intelligence 5

Social intelligence is an important life skill that helps to build healthy relationships. Social intelligence is one’s ability to interact well with others. Often called people skills or tact, it is a learned ability involving situational awareness, understanding how to act within different social environments, and communicating easily with people from all walks of life. Someone who has high social intelligence (SI) is gifted at understanding others, making friends, and handling new situations. Social intelligence looks different across various cultures and demographics, as every group values different social skills.

Social intelligence isn’t static, but rather it continually develops throughout one’s life. It’s never too late to sharpen it, and children are especially easy to teach. Educating children on healthy communication helps them to be a friend who is empathetic, generous, kind, and a good listener. There are four main characteristics of social intelligence:

Empathy: Empathy determines how well one relates to other people’s thoughts and emotions. Empathetic people consider and understand diverse perspectives, even if they don’t share the same ideas. They can pick up on a person’s mood and adjust their reactions accordingly.

Respect: Many cultures value esteem between children and adults as well as between spouses. Respecting others can mean adapting your communication style to fit their needs or coming to a compromise. Mutual understanding calls for a degree of respect.

Behavior: This component concerns how people carry themselves in social situations. Are their actions appropriate for the setting? Do they make others feel relaxed or uncomfortable? A person must be able to change their behavior when necessary while still maintaining their core attributes.

Self-efficacy: This characteristic refers to how a person judges themselves on their capacity to perform particular tasks. If someone has a stable sense of self-efficacy concerning social intelligence, they’re confident in their social abilities. They experience little stress or worry over interacting with others.

CLICK HERE for some fun ways to encourage and develop social intelligence in your child.

Write at Home: Developing Teen Writers Webinar

Wrie at home

We hope you enjoyed the webinar last week with Write At Home. In an effort to support our families, Write At Home is excited to host two more webinars to help in your writing endeavors. To learn more about Write At Home, please visit them here. Please see the flier below for webinar details and sign-up information.


TED Talk: Curiosity


This TED Talk playfully addresses this month’s SLO: curiosity. It speaks to why intellectual curiosity is so important to children and adults alike. Tara draws from her own experience and tells stories about being dyslexic and her fascination with learning new things. These experiences are the reason she values intellectual curiosity and encourages others to engage in this way of thinking.

Curious? Watch this:

Books are also a wonderful way to foster curiosity and introduce new ideas to children. Here are some book lists that address curiosity in a meaningful way for children:

Growing Book by Book

In addition, we hope you enjoy these fun activities to inspire curiosity at home:

24 Ways To Develop Curiosity


Summer Classes With iLEAD Online

EL Newsletter 1

Registration is open now for all families to enroll in iLEAD Online’s July 1 Track C Program. A few highlights about this year’s program:

  • There is no cost, and any child in grades 2-12 living in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Kern counties may enroll. Special note: Because your child is enrolled in a different school (iLEAD Exploration is part of iLEAD Hybrid’s charter school), you would need to enroll your learner with iLEAD Online’s charter school for the summer.
  • iLEAD Online courses begin on July 1. Learners complete courses at an accelerated rate. They have two cycles of accelerated learning from July 1 through August 14, at which point most Track C learners will withdraw from this program to return to the school they attend during the school year.
  • Courses are all online and facilitated by a credentialed master of distance learning. Live office hours, extra tutoring and support, and customizable content make their program user-friendly.
  • High school learners receive UC a-g, NCAA approved, and WASC accredited transfer grades.
  • Grades 2-8 have some great project-based learning courses that you can find here. These courses touch on all four core disciplines in an engaging and fun way that builds skills through active, hands-on learning.
  • Registration is open until June 1 this year. Families must submit an intent to enroll. Once this is submitted, the iLEAD Online office team will guide you through the rest.
iLEAD Online Track C Postcard

Write at Home: Developing Teen Writers Webinar

Wrie at home

We hope you enjoyed the webinar last week with Write At Home. In an effort to support our families, Write At Home is excited to host three more webinars to help in your writing endeavors. To learn more about Write at Home, please visit them here. Please see the flier for registration and webinar details.


Online Educational Resources

MM 9

Online science videos, lessons, reading material and quizzes for grades K-5
Online social-emotional learning programs loved by kids ages 5-15
Helps kids exercise their brains and bodies
Free guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons
Free lessons and resources for all subject areas
A proven K-12 practice assessment tool. CODE: EdmentumSupport2020
Excellent curation and art collection
High-quality educational videos for high school and college courses
100+ indoor activities
Ways to use Lego bricks with math concepts

Virtual Science Fair

Virtual Title

Virtual Science Fair

Developing Teen Writers Webinar with Write at Home

Wrie at home

We are proud to partner with Write At Home to bring you a webinar that focuses on principles and strategies for teaching writing to learners in grades 5-12. To learn more about Write at Home, please visit them here. Please see below for registration and webinar details.


Virtual Workshop with Tree People


Please join Tree People for a virtual interactive session that will focus on recycling and how to replace wasteful everyday products with more sustainable options. Learn about different types of waste including paper, plastic, organics, glass, metal, and electronics, and how these different materials impact our environment. Come prepared to discuss which items you use in your home that are confusing to throw away or things that you use as an alternative to wasteful products! If you’d like to talk trash, this is your chance! To learn more about Tree People, please visit them here.

This virtual workshop will take place on Tuesday, April 28th at 1:00 PM and is geared for grades 6-12. If you would like to join, please email

Webinar: Teaching Across the Curriculum


teaching across the curriculum (1)

Online Educational Resources


Enjoy these at-home resources for kids.
Explore, discover and connect with the many animal resources and activities.
Newsomatic allows students to have a safe, age-appropriate resource for global news.
If you love Disney music, and occasionally a Disney dance party, then this is the playlist for you! While you’re dancing your Main Street U.S.A. heart out, you might as well break a sweat and tone up!
Turn your kitchen into a chemistry lab with these simple science experiments! Get creative using minimal materials from your pantry.
Learners can find a number of videos related to a topic that they find interesting. Each video is accompanied by a lesson.
The new at-home version of GoNoodle is designed to get kids moving so they can be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, and best selves.
Learners can take a virtual field trip to amazing places and remarkable experiences.
Enjoy a new daily craft on Joann’s YouTube channel.

Online Educational Resources


We continue to be amazed by the generosity of many educational companies as they provide virtual learning for families. Your educational facilitators are working hard to provide you with a list of these opportunities, and the full list can be viewed here.
Learners everywhere can stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages.
The Berliner Philharmoniker invites you to visit their virtual concert hall free of charge.
Daily learning workbooks for grades K-6
Many favorite authors are offering online read-alouds and activities on social media.
The most popular science lessons are being offered for anyone to use for free, and no account or login is needed.
Check out these five free middle school science resources.
This website provides art lessons for ages 5-12.
Enjoy books being read by astronauts!
ST Math is a web-based visual instructional program that leads to deep conceptual understanding of math.
Are your learners fascinated by extreme weather or crazy about reptiles? Do they want to know more about their state or outer space? Learners can start watching, reading, and exploring today with TrueFlix.
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