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iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for resources.

Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Monday Message

Our News & Events

Spring Webinars

Fall Webinars

We are excited to share our upcoming webinars for 2021. On February 10 at 12 pm, we are exploring different hands-on science kits. Please register here to learn more about our Spotlighting Science Kits webinar. Then on February 12 at 10 am, we are introducing you to our high school team. If you are entering high school or just want to know more, we hope you will join us for this informational webinar. Please register here for the High School Overview for New Families and Incoming 9th graders webinar.

Webinars 2021

The Science of Circus Arts Virtual Tutorial – 2nd-6th grade learners only


The Circus Arts are filled with relationships between art and science. Most times you are aware of the visual excitement while watching your favorite act, but do you know the science behind the magic? Explore the science behind hooping, juggling and fire dancing through live performance, science experiments, and videos in the Circus Arts Exploration Event with JennaH2O of Flowbox Circus!

Tickets are $10 and only learner funds will be accepted (no credit cards please). Please register each learner that will be participating. Per vendor request, only 2nd- 6th graders please. Ticket will be available until February 1 @ 5 pm.


Additional info: Bring hoops and balls for juggling if you would like, but not required.

February Field Studies

Virtual Park Tour

Discover what life was like living at a California Frontier Army Post in the 1850s! Take a live, virtual, docent-led tour through Army Post Fort Tejon, where original and reconstructed buildings help to tell the story of the native Californian, the Gold Rush, and the influence of the American Civil War on the settlement of the West. Various “living history” topics and stations are presented, such as mid-19th-century Army drills and weapons, blacksmithing, frontier carpentry, tack and saddlery work, open-hearth cooking, adobe brick-making, period laundry practices, and candle-making. Please take a look below for more details on how to register for this fun event.

LINKED_1850s_Life_at_a_California_Frontier_Army_Post (2)

Learner Spotlight: Faye Battat

67730754_img_20200519_135721389 FAYE

Thank goodness for the Los Angeles Public Library’s endless supply of ebooks! iLEAD Exploration Learner, Faye Battat, grade 4, is an insatiably voracious reader and LAPL helps keep her in reading material. She loves reading anything and everything she can get her hands on: fantasy, classics, poetry, mystery, nonfiction. Faye is always ready to engage in learning and loves to anticipate the next book she will read or the next meal she will cook. She will excitedly retell stories and adventures and activities. She and her family are very proactive with planning assignments for the learning period and creating folders with any worksheets and activities they will need for each school week.

Having a goal is crucial to accomplishing anything and Faye is optimistic and self-confident enough to keep on achieving. Whether it is working through a math book or perfecting a contortion move, ten-year old Faye trusts that every day brings her an inch closer to her target and believes regular small progress is the only way to achieve it. After a hundred days or so her progress is undeniable. Assessing how far she has come spurs her on to continue for another hundred days.


Aside from reading, Faye is also passionate about cooking and contortion. Recently she has taken up piano. She writes her own comics complete with very accurate facial expressions. She also enjoys outdoor activities – climbing trees, riding a bike, visiting the beach, hiking, rock climbing and swimming.


It should be clear to see that Faye is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig in to hard work. Every morning she goes through a routine that includes vigorous stretching to wake up her body, a healthy breakfast to fuel her endeavors, a chore to keep her environment in good order, and a review of that day’s schedule to prepare her mentally for what lies ahead. The schedule includes break times for things she enjoys, like baking a beef Wellington or watching videos of her favorite contortionists. Knowing that she has something to look forward to helps her work diligently on her less-than-favorite assignments. When something happens that really bothers her and tempts her to lose control, she knows that she can always talk to her family to help her feel better. For some alone time she retreats to a quiet spot with a good book. That always helps her bounce back with a renewed determination

The two years Faye and her family have spent homeschooling so far have been quite fruitful. It has allowed them increased focus and the ability to learn at the specific pace needed in each subject. It also grants them adequate time to develop interests outside of academics without rushing through family life. Faye and her siblings creatively engage in learning together and have each found a special niche where they can create, discover, collect, explore, and imagine. They are so fortunate to have a loving home with room for them all to grow into the special learners they are meant to be.


The OC Studio

Around the World at the OC Learning Studio

Registration is still open for our OC Studio. Please take a look at the flier below for more information on classes beginning no February 9.

OCStudio (1)

Virtual Events

Where Am I

There are a few events taking place in February that we hope you will check out. We have four events that you may want to check out:

  • TK- 1 Read Aloud- If you are in TK-1 you will want to check out out read aloud taking place on February 8 at 10 am. You can register here for this fun event.
  • Send some LOVE to the residents at Park West Care and Rehabilitation Center!- On February 10 at 10 am, you can send some LOVE to the residents at Park West Care and Rehabilitation Center! Register here to join in.
  • Friendship Scavenger Hunt- Join us on Friday, February 12 at 1 pm for a Friendship Scavenger Hunt. This interactive scavenger hunt will have learners “hunt” for things around their house based on cue cards. It’s a great way to engage with others and get to know each other better! Register here for this event.
  • TK-3rd Grade Virtual Show and Tell- A fun “show and tell” opportunity for TK through 3rd grade learners! Please register here for this event.

Schoolwide Learner Outcome: Optimism


This month’s schoolwide learner outcome (SLO) is optimism. Optimism, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is, “an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.” Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Optimism is an attitude that positively affects your outlook on life and education. We will continue to explore the concept of optimism in upcoming Monday Messages!

Optimism Poster

Learner Spotlight: Adalynn Stokes


Nine-year-old Adalynn has been enjoying her homeschool journey through iLEAD Exploration. Although this year looks a little different than anticipated, she is adjusting well and even helping her little brother, Jackson (5), adjust to the homeschool life as well. She is always eager to learn new things and wants to try everything once.

Addie loves to spend her time getting lost in a good book, playing Roblox with her friends, swimming, doing all sorts of arts and crafts, and playing outside. Addie loves adventure and exploring nature when she gets the chance. She is full of questions and will always turn everything into a learning experience. She is unique in her own way and is always happy. Her excitement for life is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Adalynn is incredibly helpful and kind to all; her great sense of humor is just an added bonus. Her little sister, Charlotte (3), is following in her footsteps, and that makes Addie a proud big sister.

This year has been quite the adjustment for everyone, including Addie. However, she is thriving and enjoying her learning through Fourth Grade Adventures Online. She likes the online platform and having the ability to be logged on live with other learners, all while still being able to go at her own pace. Aside from online learning, Addie spends a lot of time being creative and asking questions. She prefers to read an article and absorb information but is not afraid to get her hands dirty while conducting an experiment of some sort. You can almost always find her with a book next to her or a drawing she’s working on.

When she is not doing schoolwork, she fills her schedule with community service. She plans community service events and participates in fundraisers to help the community, with the goal of making others happy and giving back. In March of this year, Addie was crowned Little Miss Quartz Hill 2020-2021. She and her sister queens spend their time volunteering with organizations and participating in fundraisers. Recently, they organized a 5K walk to benefit one of the moms from the community who was newly diagnosed with breast cancer. They have walked and raised awareness for domestic violence, raised money and donated supplies for students in one of the local school districts, served a warm lunch to people experiencing homelessness, partnered with Grace Resource Center, and made donations to a new food pantry in their area, just to name a few examples. The Quartz Hill Queens partnered with the local chamber of commerce to host a toy drive for families in need in the community during the Christmas season. This is one of Addie’s favorite ways to give back because she loves to see other children smile. Addie also enjoys participating in fun events and is building meaningful friendships while learning crucial social and public speaking skills. Addie says that being Little Miss Quartz Hill is what makes her the proudest. She hopes to be an amazing role model for all her Little Miss and Tiny Miss sisters and will continue to look up to all her older queen sisters as well.

Homeschooling has been a great opportunity for Addie, as it allows her to focus on her commitments to her community as much as she can and to enjoy endless adventures.

February Field Studies

Virtual Park Tour

Discover what life was like living at a California Frontier Army Post in the 1850s! Take a live, virtual, docent-led tour through Army Post Fort Tejon, where original and reconstructed buildings help to tell the story of the native Californian, the Gold Rush, and the influence of the American Civil War on the settlement of the West. Various “living history” topics and stations are presented, such as mid-19th-century Army drills and weapons, blacksmithing, frontier carpentry, tack and saddlery work, open-hearth cooking, adobe brick-making, period laundry practices, and candle-making. Please take a look below for more details on how to register for this fun event.

LINKED_1850s_Life_at_a_California_Frontier_Army_Post (2)

February and March Book Clubs

Book Club

If you are in 4th-6th grade, you won’t want to miss our next book club happening in February. For our learners in grades 6-8, please take a look at the March Book Club flier for registration details. We encourage you to join the fun and register soon to secure your spot! Please see below for more details on the events and how to register.



Robotics Innovation

Barnabus Robotics final

LINKED Final_robot_2_(2)

Virtual Events

Where Am I


National School Choice Week

iLEAD Exploration celebrates National School Choice Week January 24-30, 2021

As the world’s largest celebration of opportunity in K-12 education, National School Choice Week is a time to celebrate the fact that we have a choice where our children go to school to access their optimal learning experience. Thank you for choosing iLEAD Exploration to be such an important part of your lives.

There are many ways to celebrate this week. We’d like to share just one that spotlights your child’s facilitator. To celebrate school choice and also share appreciation for your iLEAD Exploration educational facilitator, simply download the thank-you letter template here, create a message on it, and share a selfie with your creation at

If you prefer, you can forego the template and create a thank-you message in your own fun way.

We look forward to seeing your photos!

If you send us a photo or video, we will consider this approval for use on our school websites and social media accounts. Please do not include images of video conference screens showing learners.

Learner Spotlight: Clive and Lucia Gompert

Clive and Olivia 1

For the Gompert family, homeschooling has always been the plan. Many things about it appeal to them: the flexibility it gives them, the ability to change methods and curriculum to suit the children’s needs, the option to travel as a family without having to worry about a school schedule, and most importantly, the ability to focus more directly on the children, giving them the space and tools to follow their own interests and pace.

Clive, age 8, and Lucia, age 6, begin with the end in mind by talking about and making a plan before they begin their projects or playtime. They enjoy exploring their interests so that they can become more proficient and learn new skills.

Clive and Lucia work hard and exhibit grit in approaching their lessons and extracurriculars. It takes patience and determination to learn new things, especially when everything in life is so different right now. But they have adapted well to so much virtual learning, and still work hard to connect with classmates and teachers virtually, maintaining a positive attitude through technical difficulties and the lack of in-person connections.

Clive loves playing video games, programming games, comic books (especially Dog Man), action figures, and a good joke. He likes to build Legos, draw comics, and play board games, especially chess. He thinks he might like to be a magician or a Disney Imagineer when he grows up. Clive has been in karate for the past three years and works hard to progress and improve in his training. He enjoys taking Outschool classes about interesting animals, Minecraft, learning new magic tricks, or anything building or STEM-related.

Lucia loves to sing, either Disney songs or her own originals. She also likes to dance, make friends, and enjoys anything related to art or drawing. She wants to be a veterinarian and a pop star when she grows up. She loves animals, both real and mythical (unicorns are her favorite)! Lucia takes dance and drawing classes. Since she wants to become a vet, she likes to take classes related to animals or animal science. She also started karate in the spring and is enjoying practicing martial arts.

During non-COVID times, the family enjoys going to Disneyland and science museums like Discovery Cube. Clive and Lucia both enjoy playing elaborate imaginary games, indoors and out. Their active imaginations and sense of humor will serve them well in life.

Barnabas Robotics Robot Innovations

Barnabus Robotics final

Join Barnabas Robotics and explore the awesome intersection of engineering, art and creativity while building a one-of-a-kind robot! In this workshop, learners will discover how real-world engineers use electricity, mechanical parts and design to invent things that we use in everyday life and build their own robot creation! Registration is now open. Please see the flier for details.

LINKED Final_robot_2_(2)

Kindness Rocks!

Kindness Rocks

Join Exploration families and spread a little kindness, good will, and gratitude around our communities. Please take a look at the flier below for more details on how to register.

Kindness Rocks! (no date)

Virtual Events

Where Am I


Learner Spotlight: Christina Virchis


Three years ago, iLEAD Exploration learner Christina Virchis, 13, was uncertain and a little anxious about her future. The private school she had been attending was closing and she didn’t think going from a small and close-knit school family to a school with thousands of kids was the right fit for her. She and her family decided on homeschooling and, with a lot of effort, her learning has been smooth sailing since then.

Even though this is her last year in middle school, Christina hopes to attend college one day. Since she has a mindset of beginning with the end in mind, she plans to take college prep classes now and will be enrolling in college classes in the fall of 2021 at a local community college as a freshman in high school.

One of her favorite things to do is attend a learning center. From academics to the arts, she chooses classes that fulfill her both academically and artistically. She enjoys interacting with not only her peers but with knowledgeable educational facilitators who encourage her to aim high in everything she does. Christina enjoys playing the piano and painting and the Thai martial art of Muay-Thai.

SLO: Self-Control

5352641 Self control concept. Hand with yellow marker writing se

This month, iLEAD is focusing on the monthly Schoolwide Learner Outcome (SLO) of self-control. Are you able to control your emotions and impulses in order to achieve a greater goal? Don’t be too hard on yourself if the answer is no, because studies have shown that self-control is not a stagnant trait and it can be improved with practice over time.

As you watch this video, you may want to reflect on the following questions:

1. Do you come prepared to events and activities that you are attending?

2. Do you avoid distractions and get to work?

3. Do you remain calm in stressful situations?

4. Do you have the willpower to resist the “marshmallow”?

The Virtual Science Fair – Final Steps!

Group of classmates observing chemical reaction with awe

You are now ready for the final steps of the scientific method which is to collect data and analyze. Let’s take a minute to review the steps that you have completed so far: observe, question, research, hypothesize, and experiment. Now you can collect the data, the information you learned from your experiment. You will then analyze, or use the results to help you understand what you think is happening. This will either confirm your hypothesis or cause you to draw a new conclusion!

Data collection is often completed using tally marks, bar graphs, and other charting methods. Here is a resource that might be helpful as you gather your information: Collection Data Elementary.

Register here by January 15, 2021 to participate in the iLEAD Science Fair (to be held virtually).

Virtual Show-and-Tell

Show and Tell

Please join us for a fun show-and-tell opportunity for TK through 3rd grade learners on January 19 at 11 a.m.! Register here to join us.

Field Studies: Kelp Forest Virtual Tour


LINKED Kelp_Forests_Exploration_at_Point_Lobos_State_Reserve (1)

What’s New At the OC Learning Studio

OC Studio December


Learner Spotlight: Everly Benning

Everly Benning 2

iLEAD Exploration learner Everly Benning started homeschooling last year in the extended-TK program. What drew her family to homeschooling was the time her mom got to spend with her. Everly’s dad is a military member, and homeschooling allows for them to work around his often-changing schedule. They love being able to spend more time with him when he has time off.

Since Everly was a little baby, she has always been a bit reserved, so seeking first to understand comes naturally to her. At first, she takes her time to observe what is around her. She often sits backs and watches before jumping in and playing. But once she understands the lay of the land, she jumps right into the action. When Everly encounters a new environment, she is quick to observe what is going on around her and is able to easily adapt appropriately. She is also very into details and fully understanding how something works.

An empathetic people-person, Everly is very communicative with her feelings and often encourages her friends to share their thoughts or feelings if conflicts or issues pop up while playing. Everly is very considerate of others and how they will feel in certain situations; she strives to take other people’s feelings into account.

Everly has started a new hobby this school year and is learning Spanish. She has done well and really enjoys talking with her Spanish teacher, who lives in Spain. Everly is very interested in traveling to different countries around the world.







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