Learner Spotlight: Zaina Ahmad

Zaina Ahmad

What languages do you speak? The two languages I speak are English and Arabic.

What is the best part about knowing more than one language? Being bilingual is such a smart thing to be, and I get to speak it and experience the culture.

What is your favorite saying in your native language? My favorite saying in my native language is salamalakoum: peace upon everybody.

What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject is science.

What is a family tradition that you enjoy? Once a week we like to go to different restaurants and try new cuisine.

What is your favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is listening to music.

What advice would you give to someone trying to learn a new language? You should socialize more with people with the same native language that you would like to learn. Even better yet, live in a native country that speaks that language.

How long have you been part of our independent study program? I have been with iLEAD for four years.

What do you like about independent study? What I like about independent study is that I can set my own schedule.

What career would you like to have? The career that I would like to have is in child development because I love working with kids.


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