High School Learner Spotlight: Sydney T.

iLEAD Exploration High School Learner Spotlight Sydney T.

My name is Sydney T., and I’m a senior at iLEAD this year. After being a part of iLEAD for my high school years, I am so grateful for my ability to have independence within my schedule and the freedom to explore my passions.

I am a very creative person and have enjoyed creative hobbies from a young age, from graphic design to videography, dance, digital art, illustration, and fashion.

I am currently earning my associate’s degree in Digital Media Arts through dual enrollment at a community college. My portfolio landed me a remote graphic design and social media marketing internship with Portland Fashion Week, where I helped to promote sustainability and carbon-free fashion.

I was a dancer for most of my life, committing almost 20 hours per week to my dance studio throughout high school. Because of the flexibility iLEAD offered, I was able to still compete at regional and national competitions almost every month.

You can always find me studying or doing schoolwork in cafes, whether in my home city or in a different country, and it’s all due to iLEAD’s flexibility.

As president of iLEAD’s National Honor Society this year, I’m grateful for the community and environment of iLEAD’s students. During my sophomore year, I felt called to leadership to bring students closer together. I would not have pursued leadership if it weren’t for the welcoming community of iLEAD students. Now I hold leadership positions in multiple clubs and am so happy to be part of the iLEAD community. I am president of Art Club, vice president of Fashion Club, and a communication officer in Gaming Club. I have also made several amazing friends through iLEAD that I am so grateful for (shoutout to Rae Brown and Alexis Coffee!).

Finally, iLEAD’s flexibility has allowed me to travel to Greece, South Korea (two times!), Taiwan, Cancun, and places within the U.S. as well. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, not just because you’re able to explore a new environment, but because experiencing the different ways of life allows you to gain so much perspective and it’s always such a constant inspiration to me.


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