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iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for resources. COVID-19 Safety Plan and Prevention Program, COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist

Feb 1, 2021 @ 18:00

High School Highlights

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Scoir and YouScience

Virtual Meet and Greet iLEAD Exploration

Scoir is an important communication hub for our high school learners provided at no cost. This amazing resource gives access to a college search tool, interactive tours of college campuses, student videos, and individual college social media walls. Scoir provides an overview of important college information, such as admission stats, costs, and application deadlines. Scoir’s mobile app is interactive and user-friendly, providing learners and their parents with their own individual account access.


Through Scoir, all iLEAD high school learners have access to YouScience. YouScience is a comprehensive career assessment program that combines aptitudes, interests, and 21st century careers to make career and educational recommendations. Through the use of 5-8 minute performance-based exercises, YouScience captures a learner’s true areas of highest potential. Once logged into Scoir, you will click on “My Profile”, then “Career Profile” on the left side bar. Then select “YouScience” to get started. It will redirect you to their outside website, but saved careers will sync back to your Scoir account.

If you need access to your Scoir/YouScience account, reach out to your EF for the necessary steps to activate.


ASB Game Day!

unnamed (57)

ASB is hosting an Online Game Event for all iLEAD High school learners on Friday, February 26 at 1:00 pm. We will be playing Pictionary, Among Us, and Scattergories. Hope you can join us! To RSVP click HERE.

Ongoing Club Updates

High School Clubs iLEAD Exploration

The Gaming Club is a place for gamers to hang out and have good times. We have tournaments, tips and tricks for some of your favorite games, and a community of chill gamers to play with. You can squad up with players in your favorite games and have calls with other members at any time. Join our club to join in on the fun! We meet a few times a month. –Ezra, Gaming Club President
The Creative Writing Club is officially meeting every month! Our first meeting was at the end of January and our next meeting will be February 26th at 11 am. We are going to be using prompts to write before each meeting. We choose the prompts based on what we want to write about and discuss, and are always open to recommendations on how the club can improve! We hope you will join us! –Maia, Creative Writing Club President

To join one or both clubs, RSVP here.

Searching for College in a Virtual World


Traditionally the college search centers around tours and visits. Visits help students understand the different college types: large vs small, universities vs. colleges, commuter vs. on campus. They also help students build application lists and make final choices! Due to pandemic restrictions, many traditional campus visitations are unavailable.

Students may be apprehensive about choosing colleges without the ability to cruise the dorms, talk to guides, and attend information sessions. Understanding that students can’t travel, admissions teams have brought the college admission experience to students through virtual tours, information sessions, student panels, and fairs. Here are some ideas for virtual college explorations.

Virtual Fairs
Take advantage of virtual college fairs! Spring is typically college fair season, but with travel restrictions and social distancing fairs have gone virtual. This has turned out to be advantageous putting the college admission officers right in your living room. Some great options are fairs by the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC).

These include general, performing and visual arts, and STEM fairs. Look at individual fairs to see which colleges will be available at each event and perhaps even visit a few admission staff from colleges that may be unfamiliar to you.

Virtual Visits

YouVisit offers free, online, guided tours of a large selection of colleges and universities. You and your family can walk through the college, visit the dorms, and see classrooms. You can find colleges at the YouVisit website or log into your iLEAD account on Scoir which has YouVisit built in.

Virtual Information Sessions

StriveScan is a college fair organizer that regularly holds live information sessions and Q&As. These sessions are varied with information about specific colleges or individual topics. You can hear from your favorite colleges or learn about college types, sports recruiting, STEM, colleges for LGBT+ students, applying to art or music schools and the list goes on. Be on the lookout for StriveScan’s virtual college fairs this spring.

There are lots of virtual opportunities available to explore college today. Sign up for your iLEAD Scoir account to receive notifications of future events. If you don’t have access to Scoir yet, let your EF know or contact Laura Kazan, iLEAD’s College Advisor, at to get started.

Upcoming College Fairs and Events

College Feb

On May 12, iLEAD and fellow California independent study charter schools will be hosting our own virtual event, so be sure to save the date!

WACAC and NACAC fairs feature a full array of international and national colleges. These events include both college presentations as well as subject information sessions on specialty topics. National Portfolio Day offers you the opportunity to upload your art portfolio and receive advice from a variety of art schools and art departments.

More fairs will be added as we move into the spring and summer. Scoir, iLEAD’s college planning tool, gives up-to-date information on college fairs.

Below you will find a list of virtual college fairs:





High School Spotlight: Amy Baldwin


Hey, I’m an Aussie who moved to Los Angeles almost 5 years ago as my brother is an actor and musician.

I have always loved sports. At one time, I was even pursuing professional soccer but, I didn’t really have the passion for it. However, about a year and a half ago, I decided on a career in stunts. My brother and most of my friends are actors, and while I’ve never had any interest in acting, stunts are something that fill me with so much excitement. I knew right away that stunts and I were a perfect match.

So for the past eighteen months, I have been studying taekwondo, wushu, trapeze, silks, sword-fighting, bo staff spinning, parkour, and tricking. I have made some great relationships with stunt coordinators and met people that are featured in the Avengers, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey movies, and many more. The one thing they all tell me is, “You are so lucky to start so young.”

Being a student of iLEAD Exploration has allowed me to work all these lessons into my existing academic curriculum to be able to train with industry professionals on their timetables. I’ve found it’s been a great balance to do a couple of hours of physical work and then a couple of hours at my desk. I am so very grateful to iLEAD that it has allowed me to dedicate many hours to my career, giving me a head start in a competitive and physical industry.


The high school team at iLEAD is so proud of you, Amy, and we look forward to seeing you and your awesome moves on the big screen someday!

ASB Clubs

HS Dec2

Your ASB is excited to announce the launch of two high school clubs that are open to all iLEAD high school learners: The Gaming Club and a Creative Writing Club. By joining one of these clubs, you will have the opportunity to meet other iLEAD learners, have a great time, and build long-lasting friendships. To join one or both clubs, RSVP here.

If you have any questions, please email our ASB Coordinator at:

Summer Pre-College Programs

HS Dec5

Summer programs offer learners the opportunity to experience campus life while engaged in academic or extracurricular activities. Many applications are available now, so don’t wait to check deadlines and begin the application process. These programs may look different this summer, but whether in-person or online, they offer great opportunities. There are a wide variety of programs and financial aid may be available.

Programs can be divided into several categories including academic, college preparatory, artistic, and athletic. Below is a small sampling of available summer programs. Learners are encouraged to do their own searching, focusing on specific areas of interest or colleges and universities.

Summer Programs and Admissions

Some competitive summer programs that offer in-depth experience in a specific academic or artistic field will help with college admissions. These programs are often free or low cost and they stand out on a college application because they are competitive and the learner gains valuable advanced experience. Non-competitive summer programs show a dedication to an area of interest, something that helps admission officers know more about who you are and what you value. Programs at specific college campuses do not necessarily help a learner gain admission to that college.

If you need help or wish to discuss summer options, feel free to set up an appointment to meet with our College Advisor, Laura Kazan.

Navigating the Challenges of Online Learning

HS Dec4

In these unprecedented times, we have all seen drastic changes in the ways in which we live our daily lives. This especially applies to how learners have been accessing their classes. While we are an independent study school, many of our learners take classes at in-person learning centers or on campus at their local community college. Going online for the first time or in a new system can be very intimidating. We have seen an uptick in learner anxiety and academic struggles during this time, and our school is not unique to experiencing this challenge.

It is important to remain mindful of how you are handling these new situations. You may not be able to handle as rigorous of a load as planned or need to drop classes entirely, and that is okay. Rest assured, one class or even one semester will not ruin the rest of your life! EFs and counselors are here to help if you find yourself stuck, so please be honest with yourself and the adults who are here to support you.

If you are working through an online class with a vendor or at the community college, here are some proactive steps you can take to support your own success:

  • Reach out for assistance to navigate deadlines and assignments

  • Look up and share all important due dates with your EF and/or parent and set reminders on your phone if necessary

  • Find out if tutoring is available

  • If necessary, use instructional funds for tutoring

  • Come up with a study plan at the beginning of the semester (your EF can help)

  • Turn in essays EARLY for teacher/professor feedback and revise if necessary BEFORE the final deadline

  • Communicate with the teacher/professor throughout the semester

If you feel you need added support, contact your EF or high school counselor right away.

Last names A-K – Bethany Maddox

Last names L-Z – Heather Fecarotta

Learner Spotlight: Kiah Lewis

HS Dec3

Hello! My name is Kiah Lewis. I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve been homeschooled my entire life. Some words people use to describe me are outgoing, charismatic, kind, and funny. I love dogs, animated movies, the color yellow, and making fun of the Twilight saga with friends.

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a creative mind and imagined myself in other worlds that I never was able to verbalize to others. My solution to this problem was drawing everything that came to mind. Since I learned that I had the power of art within me, I haven’t stopped drawing. I am now actively pursuing my dream of becoming a professional artist. I’m not exactly sure what role I want to play, but I know I will come to that decision at just the right time. One thing I love about art is it can come in many shapes and sizes and anyone can do it. I think what people love says a lot about what we really strive for in life. For me, I want to create things that bless others and inspire them, and art is just the tool to do that exact thing.

Another passion in my life is my guide dog in training, Draco (and yes he is named after the infamous Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter franchise). Volunteering for Guide Dogs of America had a huge impact in my life and participating was a personal goal since I was a little girl. My mom raised a guide dog named Beasley when she was my age, and I have strived to be just like her. Training Draco was full of many twists and turns and, in the end, I realized that he was actually the one training me. I learned many lessons from simple tasks like teaching him that the bathroom is outside and not on our wood floors or trusting him to lead me while I was blindfolded. My eyes were opened to the many blessings dogs give to people in need and how wonderful of an opportunity this was. While Draco ended up having a heart defect that ended his journey with Guide Dogs of America, it was only the beginning of his journey with me.


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Kiah! We are proud of you and we know that following graduation, many exciting opportunities await a learner with your unique gifts.

High School Ratatouille Watch Party

Watch party

On December 11, iLEAD’s Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted a movie watch party event for the high school student body. Learners were able to watch the Disney movie Ratatouille through Disney + Watch Party! Interested participants joined through Zoom and were separated into breakout rooms where they could watch the movie and talk to each other in the chat in smaller groups! My group had a lot of fun laughing at various quirks of the movie, and another group had a discussion afterwards about how differently they remembered the movie from when they were younger. All in all, the event went well and everyone who joined had a lot of fun connecting over this amusing movie! Our high school ASB will be hosting more fun events similar to this in the future. We hope to see you there!
-Julianna Longhenry, iLEAD ASB Regional President

College Options: It’s Not Too Late!

College Options

iLEAD Seniors: College is just around the corner. If you have not started on your application(s), there is still time. Most applications are due in January and winter break is a perfect time to finish up your essays and activity lists.

Don’t miss your deadlines! Here are some helpful things to know:

Early Action 2: Many colleges have non-binding early deadlines which means you don’t need to make a decision until May 1. If you submit your application by the deadline, you will receive your admission decision early. While the first round of early action deadlines has passed, many colleges have a second deadline in January.

Early Decision 2: The first round of early decision applications has passed, but some colleges have a second round of deadlines in early or mid-January. If there is a college that is your first choice and you know it is affordable, then applying early decision often gives you an advantage over students applying in the regular round. Remember early decision is binding, meaning you sign a contract with that school and state you will attend.

Regular Decision: Regular decision deadlines begin around January 1 and continue through the spring. It is important that you check the college in which you are interested to ensure you meet their deadline.

Rolling Admission: Many colleges continue to accept applications through the spring and summer. Check each college website for more information.

Financial Aid: Most colleges have specific FAFSA deadlines. Check each college website for the specific deadline dates. California public colleges have a March 2 deadline.

Don’t wait! If you need help sorting out your options, please reach out to Laura Kazan, our college advisor. Many deadlines are during iLEAD’s winter break. Mrs. Kazan will be checking emails, but she may not return them immediately so write her as soon as possible with any questions!



College is expensive, so it is worth taking the time to look for scholarship opportunities. While the best aid comes from the college you attend, a second option is looking for outside scholarships.

Local Scholarships: Local scholarships are easier to win because the applicant pool is smaller. Often city organizations will offer scholarships to residents. Search local community organizations and city websites. For example, Kiwanis, Soroptimist, Elks Lodge, or your local newspaper.

National Scholarships: Use websites such as JLV College Counseling, which tracks awards by deadline and places opportunities in multiple categories. Other scholarship websites might be a way to filter scholarships, but it is wise to create an email address just for scholarship searches.

Searching for Scholarships: Try some interesting search terms like weird scholarships or unusual scholarships. You can use specific terms such as disability scholarship, ADHD, autism, or bipolar disorder and schizophrenia to find a variety of scholarships online. If you are from a low-income family, check out the scholarships listed here. First-generation and underrepresented students should check out College Greenlight.

Full-Ride Scholarships: If you are looking for large scholarships, start early as most are very competitive and often have several rounds of applications. For most, you must start the process in your junior year. These scholarships are extremely competitive and include:

If you would like to discuss searching for colleges with financial aid in mind, please reach out to Laura Kazan who can help you sort through the process. Happy scholarship hunting!

Youth Ambassador for the iLEAD Schools Board of Directors

Volunteers iLEAD Exploration

Our team is looking for a confident, charismatic senior to fill the second semester position of Youth Ambassador for the iLEAD Board of Directors. The Youth Ambassador position is open to seniors who can deliver a 2-3 minute speech about Exploration news for the bimonthly iLEAD Board meetings. Our team will help provide Exploration news content prior to each meeting. This opportunity will look great on transcripts! If interested, please submit a one minute video clip introducing yourself and your interests or post high school goals along with a brief statement about why you would like to be considered for Youth Ambassador. Videos should be submitted by January 15.

High School Clubs

High School Clubs iLEAD Exploration

As the semester is coming to an end, iLEAD’s Associated Student Body (ASB) would like to make a very important announcement about next semester. For the first time in school history, we are launching two ASB-sponsored clubs: The Gaming Club and The Creative Writing Club. By joining an iLEAD club, you will have the opportunity to meet other iLEAD learners and build long-lasting friendships. You will also be able to work with other learners and plan out club meetings and events. Since this will be the first time that they will launch, you will have a chance to work with your fellow students to really shape these clubs the way that you picture them to be. Besides being able to learn about gaming or creative writing, you will also learn to work with a team, be responsible for your duties as a member, learn to compromise with others, and much more. We hope to see you in our first club meeting which is tentatively scheduled for January. We can’t wait to meet you and get to know you better! To join, RSVP here.
-Ariella Clarino, iLEAD ASB Regional President

Learner Spotlight: Priscilla Pope


My name is Priscilla Pope, and I am 17 years old. I have been dancing since I was just two! I grew up performing with the Santa Clarita Ballet Company and studied under the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum. I hold each of my examinations with distinction and have trained at numerous ballet intensives. After performing many lead roles with the Santa Clarita Ballet, I was accepted into the Colburn Dance Academy’s pre-professional program. I have received multiple scholarships for dance and have also placed and participated in numerous dance competitions. I am extremely grateful to be a brand ambassador for PerfectFitPointe and Zarely Dancewear. I am currently in the process of applying to ballet companies and colleges across the US, some of which include the University of Utah, Butler University, Marymount Manhattan University, Indiana University, and Texas Christian University. I plan to double major in both business and dance.

I joined the iLEAD family in my junior year of high school, after finding out about my acceptance to The Colburn School. Attending iLEAD has been a true blessing and has helped me balance both dance and school. Furthering my education is so important to me, so having the flexibility of online learning has helped me achieve my scholastic goals, all while keeping up with my rigorous dance schedule. It has also given me the availability to give back to my community as a volunteer and maintain a part-time job. I currently work as a waitress at Chi Chi’s Pizza in Santa Clarita and actively volunteer with The Red Cross, The Gentle Barn, and as a Real Life Church youth leader. I opened my own small business (Priscilla’s Shoe Sewing Service), where I sew pointe shoes and teach young dancers how to properly sew their own. All of these achievements would not be possible without the support and flexibility of iLEAD Exploration.

Since I was a young girl, I have always been independent and ambitious, wanting to explore the world on my own, in hopes to figure out who I want to be. Now, as a young adult, I see myself as a leader who inspires others to be the best version of themselves. I am an acute perfectionist and am always setting higher goals for myself. While I have major dreams, I always hope to be a source of kindness and compassion. My ultimate goal in life is to open my own studio one day so I can teach and inspire future generations of dancers. I want to help others find the same love of dance I have found over the years, and I want to create a space where dancers feel welcome, encouraged, and challenged. I am so incredibly grateful to my teachers/mentors at iLEAD and every dance teacher I’ve had thus far. Without them, I would not be where I am today!


College Application

Last week, an invitation to Scoir was sent to all iLEAD-issued high school email addresses. Scoir is a college search tool that helps you search for colleges in greater depth. You can take an interactive tour of the college’s campus, watch student videos describing student life, and visit a school’s social media wall to learn about campus clubs and activities. Scoir provides an overview of important college information, such as admission stats, costs, and application deadlines. There is so much to learn about a college and Scoir can help!
Through Scoir, all iLEAD high school learners have access to YouScience. YouScience is a comprehensive career assessment program that combines aptitudes, interests, and 21st-century careers to make career and educational recommendations. Through the use of 5-8-minute performance-based exercises, YouScience captures a learner’s true areas of highest potential. Once logged into Scoir, you will click on “My Profile” and then “Career Profile” on the left-side bar. Then select “YouScience” to get started. It will redirect you to their outside website, but saved careers will sync back to your Scoir account.

Important College Deadlines

due date

College Deadlines are Fast Approaching!

  • November 30th – The University of California deadline (UC)
  • December 4th – The California State University deadline (CSU)
  • Out of state and private college deadlines vary. Check each college website for more information.

Financial Aid Deadlines are Also Approaching – Fill Out the FAFSA!

  • March 2, 2021 – FAFSA Deadline For UCs, CSUs, and the California community colleges.
  • For all other colleges, deadlines vary and financial aid may be available on a first come, first serve basis. Check each college website for more information.
  • FAFSA Link:
  • Many private colleges also require the CSS Profile. Be sure to check each college website for requirements and deadlines.

Testing Update

  • Test Free – The University of California is test free for all students. This means that the UCs will not consider test scores for admissions or scholarships. This is a permanent change and applies to all learners in all grades. The CSUs are test free for the class of 2021. Stay tuned for CSU updates for future graduates.
  • Test Optional – Almost 2000 colleges have moved to test optional or test free admissions. Check the Fairtest list to track which colleges require testing.


  • iLEAD will not be offering the PSAT this year due to Covid restrictions.
  • Learners who may qualify for National Merit can use an alternate entry option.

High School Advisement


iLEAD Exploration is extremely pleased with the advisement and resources available through our high school advisors. We encourage you to take advantage of the many services they offer to assist you now and as you plan for the future.

Academic Counselors

Bethany Maddox (A-K)

Heather Fecarotta (L-Z)

Our academic counselors offer a number of important services as they shepherd our learners through high school. In addition to the advice they provide your amazing EFs, their virtual doors are always open to learners. Annual graduation plan meetings are a great way to help them get to know you better, personalize your high school experience around your goals, and receive suggestions for courses and electives of interest.

Our academic counselors also sign and approve all dual enrollment paperwork. If you’re interested in taking classes at the community college, they can assist with course selection and how to get started. Not sure what you want to do after high school? They can help you discover and narrow your options throughout high school so that you graduate prepared for whatever next steps you choose. They answer questions regarding classes, graduation requirements, and the academics required for college.

Our academic counselors have a wealth of experience working with college-bound learners and work in tandem with our college advisor to assure your high school plan is aligned with your college goals. They will write your college letters of recommendation and look forward to framing you in the best possible context for admissions. Sign up to speak with them today!

Last Names A-K:

Last Names L-Z:

College Advisor

Laura Kazan

Laura Kazan is here for all of your college and post-secondary educational needs. For learners applying to four-year colleges, Laura can help you create a balanced college list, explain financial aid, assist with essays, and help with the completion of college applications. Juniors considering college should make an appointment as soon as possible. For learners interested in community colleges, trade schools, and careers, Laura can provide you information on transfer options, associate degrees, certificates, and more. To take advantage of this amazing resource, you can make an appointment anytime.

The personalized attention provided by our academic counselors and college advisor is unique. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to chat with them this year.


Career and Technical Education

Your local community college has a lot more to offer than just an associate’s degree. The Career Technical Education (CTE) courses available through our community college system can serve as a gateway into further study in a particular area or provide certification to immediately enter the workforce. Whether you’re looking to get started on career-focused classes while still in high school or planning your next steps after graduation, CTE certificates can be a great place to start. Here are some interesting certificates available through the community college system that do not involve any of the core courses required for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Many certificates can be completed in a year or less of full-time enrollment.

  • Automotive Technology – These programs are designed to prepare learners for employment as automotive technicians. Students will receive training for skills in the operation, maintenance, and repair of all automotive systems. Approximately 30 units to complete.
  • Cosmetology – These programs will prepare learners for California State Board Exams in cosmetology and/or esthetician skills to receive a license. Courses through the community college can be significantly cheaper than going through a private school. Approximately 45 units to complete.
  • Graphic Design – These programs will prepare learners for certificates in various graphic fields, such as computer graphics, graphic communications, graphic design, and illustration/animation. Approximately 20-30 units each to complete.
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) – These programs prepare learners to repair, install, service, and maintain heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Approximately six semester courses to complete.
  • Medical Assistant – These programs prepare learners for employment as a medical assistant in a physician’s office. Certificates are available in both administrative (front office) and/or clinical (back office) medical assisting skills. Approximately 30 units to complete.
  • Microcomputer Technician – These programs will prepare learners for the A+ Certification and Cisco Certified Networking Associate exams. Can range from 20-40 units depending on the program.
  • Real Estate – These programs will prepare learners for careers in real estate sales whether it be as a real estate broker, appraiser, property manager, mortgage broker, mortgage banker, underwriter, mortgage loan processor, escrow agent, or title representative. Approximately 12-18 units to complete depending on area of focus.
  • Welding – These programs prepare learners for entry-level employment in industries such as steel construction, maintenance and repair, and general fabrication. Can range from 20-40 units depending on the program.
Search the CTE offerings at your local college to see which certificate programs are available. If you need extra guidance, reach out to or your academic counselor.

Do You Have Senioritis?


Every year, like clockwork, hordes of stressed-out students succumb to an epidemic during their last year of school. They call their affliction senioritis.

How Do You Prevent or Cure Senioritis?

  • Acknowledge the Problem—Don’t ignore your feelings. If you begin to feel apathetic or less motivated, find people who will listen and help you understand why you’re feeling that way. By talking about your feelings and admitting they exist, you’ll gain greater self-awareness, which will put you on a more stable footing.
  • Move Forward With Gratitude—You probably have several people in your life who have provided support during your high school years. Why not thank them for being there for you? Gratitude is a natural energy booster. It can make you feel more confident, hopeful, and motivated.
  • Do Some “Spring Cleaning”—After a few years of school, many students accumulate tons of clutter—both in their physical spaces and in their minds. But having too much clutter in your life can make you feel overwhelmed, weighed down, and lazy. So when you start feeling that way, it’s a good idea to start getting rid of the stuff that’s no longer useful. Then, simplify and re-organize everything.
  • Make Time For Relaxation and Self-Reflection—When you’re a student, it’s easy to get so lost in everything you have to do that you no longer take moments to just breathe, let alone get to know yourself better. But being constantly busy can lead to exhaustion, fear, and a sense of disconnection. Think about how much you’ve already accomplished, imagine the future you want, and breathe deeply while appreciating the here and now.
  • Persist—Always remember to pace yourself. Your final weeks of school don’t have to be a sprint to the finish line. However, by applying a consistent amount of effort, you’ll start developing the kind of resilience that can pay off now and in the future. When you graduate, you’ll feel proud knowing that you pushed through.

(adapted from an article by Luke Redd, January 30, 2020)

ASB Happenings

ASB iLEAD Exploration

ASB is super excited to be hosting a Ratatouille Movie Watch Party!! Make some popcorn, get cozy, and join us on Friday, December 11 at 1:00 pm. Please RSVP HERE.

ASB is also thrilled to be launching two clubs for our high schoolers this year:

  • The Gaming Club will meet monthly online and will be a great place to connect with like-minded gamers to share ideas and discuss gaming options.
  • The Creative Writing Club will meet monthly online and will provide opportunities for learners to discuss their favorite works as well as share some of their own original stories, poetry, or screenplays.
Please fill out THIS FORM RSVP for one or both clubs. For more information on clubs, email

Learner Spotlight: Logan Verne


November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month and this month, our learner spotlight features Logan Verne. Logan is a 10th grader in our program who has lived with epilepsy since he was two years old.

Logan is a friendly, kind-hearted young man who enjoys being with his family, playing Smash Brothers with his Switch, listening to music, and creating 3-D objects with his new 3-D printer. This past summer, Logan was the recipient of a 3-D printer from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The representatives were surprised by his request for a 3-D printer because no one had asked for one before. They were happy to fulfill his wish!

Logan now enjoys creating all kinds of characters in his 3-D printing class. He loads the blueprints and creates toys and gifts for those around him. He shared, “I like to make stuff for myself and for other people that I know and love.”

Logan says his favorite part of Exploration is his teachers. Logan meets via Zoom each week with his tutor, Joshua Hays, from ABC Guidance. He considers Mr. Hays to be part of his family or his “friendily” and enjoys the creative assignments and projects they work on together for school.

As part of epilepsy awareness, Logan would like to share this with his fellow high schoolers: “If you have epilepsy, never give up on yourself. You have to keep on fighting. I know epilepsy sucks, but you can keep on fighting no matter what. You are your own warrior!”

We are proud of you, Logan, and all of your accomplishments. Keep fighting!

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Attention: All Graduates


Graduates will want to submit an application online to qualify for grants, loans, and other types of financial aid for college and career training. Here are a few important things to know:
  • FAFSA opens on Oct 1 and closes on March 2. It is recommended that you fill it out ASAP (before January) to secure grants.
  • Prior to filling out the FAFSA, learners and parents must have their own FSA ID. Create your FSA ID at Requesting your FSA ID is very easy and takes about 4-5 minutes. Make sure you have your social security number on hand. One of your parents will need their own FSA ID. You will receive your FSA ID between 3-4 business days.
  • Upon receiving your FSA ID, complete your FAFSA at Learners and parents should sit together when filling out the FAFSA. You will report your prior income and tax information from 2019.
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