Summer School Options

Summer School

iLEAD Exploration does not offer summer school; however, if you need to recover credits or would like to get ahead, taking courses over the summer may be a good option. For transferable credits, courses must be taken through an accredited institution that provides a transcript at the end of the summer. The counselors recommend up to 10 credits for summer credit. All credits will be evaluated by the academic counselors before being added to the iLEAD transcript. The expense of summer courses is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Below are some online school options:

Concurrent enrollment through your local community college may be tuition-free. If this is of interest, be sure to get your paperwork submitted and signed by the high school team in the spring before school ends.

If you believe summer credit is a good fit for you but need additional guidance on course selection or other questions, please reach out right away to your academic counselor.



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