Weekly ELD Classes

Weekly ELD (1)

The EL team offers weekly synchronous instruction every Tuesday and additional classes on Thursday for grade TK-5th, all at 9:30! Have your learner join us every week for ELD, instruction for English Language Development. Our focus will be on the four domains – speaking, reading, listening, and writing. We look forward to seeing all our EL learners on a regular basis. Reminder emails with login information will be sent every week.


Natalia Garcia-Urbina

Learner Spotlight: Natalia Garcia-Urbina, 12th Grade

What languages do you speak? The languages I speak are English and Spanish. What is the best part about knowing more than one language? I can communicate with others who…


ELPAC Testing

We are so proud of all our learners who completed the ELPAC Assessment! Our EL learners worked hard and did their best on all domains: speaking, reading, listening, and writing….

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Weekly ELD Classes through June

The EL team continues to offer learners in grades TK-5 weekly synchronous instruction every Tuesday at 9:30 AM and additional classes on Thursday at 9:30 AM. Your learner is encouraged to…

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