Field Trips in Review

Field trip

Grinding corn on the Valley Trails Native American field trip
The stagecoach on the Wells Fargo tour

iLEAD Exploration learners have been enjoying this year’s fun and educational field trips. The Valley Trails Native American field trip allowed learners to learn about the daily life of Chumash Native Americans and engage in a variety of hands-on activities such as grinding corn, making a yucca paintbrush, painting with charcoal paint, beading necklaces with shell beads, and playing Native American games.

The Wells Fargo Museum tour enabled learners to experience a bit of early California life. They were able to see a real stagecoach, use a telegraph machine, and observe a real gold nugget and other Gold Rush artifacts. They even received a lesson in finances!
Rawhide Ranch was an overnight camp experience. For three days, learners learned how to feed and care for farm animals, walk and ride horses, and perform vaulting and trick riding on a horse while it was moving! Learners tried archery, climbed a rock wall, laughed, raced during team-building games, and sang songs around the campfire. It was a memorable time for all who attended!


Hiking at Rawhide Ranch



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Curriculum Library Updates

Just a quick reminder that both of our Curriculum Libraries are open to serve families through June 5.


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