iLEAD Exploration Remains Open Virtually for Learners

iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for resources.

Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

iLEAD Field Trip Fun


This fall, our learners have enjoyed many exciting field trips, and some of them are highlighted below. Our next field trip release is Tuesday, Dec. 4!

Magic Mountain field trip: iLEAD learners explored the park while discovering concepts like potential energy, gravity and friction. It was a fun-filled, thrill-seeking day at the park!

ILEAD Learners and Stanley the Giraffe at Malibu Hikes

Malibu Hikes field trip: iLEAD learners enjoyed up close fun with Stanley the giraffe, as well as numerous zebras, alpacas, llamas and horses. Some were even brave enough to feed Stanley some lettuce from their mouths! They also saw the only remaining Chumash cave paintings in the Santa Monica mountains that depict people. This was such a fun, interactive, and informative field trip!

Fun at Rancho Las Lomas

Rancho Las Lomas Wildlife field trip: iLEAD learners met all sorts of animals! They learned about zebras, foxes, a white bengal tiger, a huge iguana, and lots of parrots and exotic birds. After touring and learning unique facts about each animal, families enjoyed picnicking on the lovely Rancho Las Lomas grounds.

Resting up after hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Grassy Hollow/Pacific Crest Trail field trip: iLEAD learners explored the nature center, bird watched, and hiked the famous PCT with an experienced trail guide. We will definitely repeat this field trip in the future, as the learners and parents loved it!



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