High School Learner Spotlight: Kate K.

Kate Klein

I have always been fascinated with the study of history, from being told my family’s history at a young age to my love of reading.

Why did people make the decisions they did?

How does the past inform the future?

This love of history has pushed me to reenact living history and to educate others about history.

I found a wonderful community dedicated to the preservation of history, and I have sewn multiple historically accurate costumes and participated in many reenactments! In my free time, you will likely find me sewing my next project or reading a book!

This passion for historical garments landed me an internship at a history museum dedicated to the preservation of America’s ranching history. I planned exhibits about women’s roles on the ranch and created children’s programs with hands-on learning tools. This internship was only available during normal school hours, so iLEAD’s flexible schedule allowed me to pursue my interests.

I am also passionate about political science, and I founded a Turning Point USA club in my local community and participate on a debate team. In my sophomore and junior years, I was on a high school debate team, and in my senior year, I was on Orange Coast College’s award-winning debate team. I have developed my critical thinking and speech skills as I’ve participated, winning numerous tournaments along the way.

iLEAD has helped me succeed in high school and prepare for college. I’ve received numerous acceptances and scholarships to some of my top schools, and I am excited to see what the future brings!



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