Learner Spotlight: Kassandra Janis Corral

Learner Spotlight

Hello, my name is Kassandra Janis Corral and I am a 17 year old senior. I’m a huge fan of Twilight, Harry Potter, and Marvel. I love to dance and started dancing when I was five years old. I’ve trained in every style: jazz, ballet, hip hop, tap, contemporary, lyrical, salsa, and ballroom. That sounds like a lot, but through the years I have loved learning different styles. Currently, I focus more on salsa dancing, which I like best. I have won many awards with dance and for a while, I was working professionally with producers for TV shows as a backup dancer for artists on television. Now I teach dance and tumbling to young kids.

Having received physical therapy after an injury, I would like to pursue a career as a physical therapist. It fascinates me how they can get you back to your normal routine after a serious injury. I am also interested in becoming an athletic trainer for a major sports team.

I joined iLEAD Exploration during my sophomore year. I transitioned to homeschooling because I wanted to be a full-time dancer and going to in-person school was not a good fit for me. Since the pandemic started a couple months after I started with iLEAD, I was unable to continue with dancing. This gave me the opportunity to explore interests outside of the area of dance. Being with iLEAD gave me the opportunity to join ASB, NHS, and even take some college courses to get ahead. I am currently the ASB President and enjoy holding a leadership position. Overall, I feel that independent study was the best option for me because I have excelled so much more than in traditional school.

Kassandra, we are proud of your accomplishments and thankful for your leadership at iLEAD.



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