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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Learner Spotlight: Brown Family

Brown Family

Introducing iLEAD Exploration learners Kaleb and Kaden Brown. Kaleb is a senior who will graduate this fall semester. Kaden is in 10th grade.

The past two years of homeschooling have been filled with meaningful experiences. Homeschooling has allowed these brothers to excel in academics and learn outside the box by researching, traveling, and giving back to the community. In their third year of homeschooling, they have engaged in important work.

This semester, Kaleb and Kaden enrolled in US Government together to better understand the principles that led to the creation of the Constitution and to better understand the electoral process in this year’s presidential election.

They are involved and committed with Soar ‘N Deep, an educational company that brings knowledge and awareness through exploration and adventure. Through videos and projects, they are able to participate in important work. They were part of a teen panel public service announcement broadcast on social media to highlight that every vote counts. Recently, they were interviewed for the NAACP Voting Symposium. This experience provided them an opportunity to share their passion and advocacy for the power of voter participation even though they are not yet old enough to vote.

Kaleb and Kaden are grateful for the opportunities they have and the importance of giving back to their community by volunteering at a local food bank.

They created a live talent show #istandwiththebatwa to bring awareness to the culturally important and endangered Batwa tribe in Uganda who have been displaced from their land where they thrived for centuries.

Kaleb and Kaden are accomplished Brazilian martial artists of capoeira and have demonstrated this art at the 2019 iLEAD Talent Show! They also performed a rap. They are very talented rap artists, creating their own music.

Kaleb has a passion for the ocean and scuba diving and has studied with a mentor in San Diego. Kaleb was recently interviewed for a position on a podcast and was given the task to read a speech from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He is an articulate and composed natural public speaker.

Kaden loves to fly and looks forward to being a pilot one day! He is part of the Young Eagles program at Compton Woodley airport and has earned flight hours including performing both takeoffs and landings with his co-pilot.

The Brown family enjoys traveling. They explore the history and learn from the communities they visit. They traveled extensively in Ethiopia in the Omo Valley visiting the Arbore, Dassanech, and Dorze tribes. Kaleb created a fantastic slideshow for his world history class to share what he learned with others!

Last February, the Brown Family traveled to the southern United States. They went to the New Orleans Mardi Gras in Louisiana and then visited the Whitney slave plantation in Alabama. Kaleb wrote about what he learned and felt in an essay for his US history course.

Both Kaleb and Kaden are committed to learning, having fun, and advocating for social justice.


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