Learner Spotlight: Koiter Family

Koiter Family

The Koiter family — whose family motto is “We’re not quitters! We’re Koiters!” — are busy with many amazing projects and varied interests. Miles, Lennon, and Everly Koiter are working together to build a roller coaster in their backyard and can often be found losing arrows with the Pasadena Roving Rangers. They also love to perform: Miles and Lennon in plays on the Canyon Theatre Guild stage, and Everly at Tutu Ballet Academy.


Third grader Miles loves math and history. These days he likes to watch World I and II documentaries, perform skits about the fall of Pompeii, and complete as many levels as he can on his favorite math apps: Tower Math, Dragonbox Elements, and Marble Math.When Miles is not pursuing his interest in math and history, he likes to ride horses with the California Rangers.


Lennon, grade 2, loves entomology, engineering, and language arts. He enjoys writing stories and typing them out on his typewriter. Lennon also enjoys learning about insects and loves watching the Brave Wilderness videos with Coyote Peterson. When he’s not immersed in bugs and writing, he also loves to dream about and design his engineering ideas.  Currently, Lennon has plans to build a shooting range and a computer. When Lennon is not pursuing his interest in math and insects, he likes to play street hockey.


Now that kindergartener Everly has a firm grasp on phonetic reading, she loves to go to the library and take out new books to read each week. She also loves to spend time completing her favorite monthly subscription boxes (Raddish, Kiwi Crate, and Little Passports) learning about cooking, culture, and STEM. When Everly is not reading or creating, she likes to ride horses in show.



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