Learner Spotlight: Rafa’ella Ruelas de la Cruz

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Meet Rafa’ella Ruelas de la Cruz or (as her friends call her) Rafa. This is Rafa’s first year homeschooling. She has enjoyed her experience thus far, because it enables her to focus on her many interests and talents. What can’t this girl do? She enjoys dancing, jiu jitsu, acting, running, gymnastics and art. She LOVES conducting science experiments, cooking and hanging out with friends. She is working on finding more jobs in the acting industry and this is a big part of why she decided to be homeschooled. She has so many interests and talents to choose from and has enjoyed being able to explore her options!

While Rafa has always loved math and science, this year she was able to extend some of her interests beyond those subjects and has since discovered a love for Shakespeare and history as well. Her mom helped her craft a unit on first ladies of our country to help her understand how they have helped make our nation great. She loves how she can use her love of art and movies to study these ladies as well.

Rafa is supported and surrounded by extended family who she uses for school support, encouragement and sometimes to act as her “pupils” as she finds that she learns things better by teaching concepts to someone else. “Support and love for my family makes me feel like I can do anything,” says Rafa.

This year was definitely a new experience and a transition year going from a brick and mortar school to a home study program.

It’s easy to see how Rafa has enjoyed the freedom to learn in her own way and on a schedule that allows her to focus on her interests. The flexibility she has with her studies have really suited her needs and blossomed her interests in learning.

She says, “I can never say no to school.”



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