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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Learner Spotlight: The Libbrecht Family

The Libbrecht Family

The Libbrecht brothers, Logan (7) and Nathan (5), are not just family but also really good friends. These brothers enjoy homeschooling together through iLEAD Exploration and have been doing so for the past three years.

It takes a certain kind of kid to gladly and willingly give up his time and share his possessions in order to teach friends a new skill. Logan, who’s in 2nd grade, and Nathan, a kindergartener, routinely do this and embody the kindness and care that their parents model to those around them. You can find these boys any given afternoon at the beach teaching friends who don’t know how to surf the tricks of the trade. They give up their surfboards so that those around them can learn. These boys understand that when people around them are having fun and learning new things, then everyone is having fun. Their enthusiasm for the beach is infectious. They also work hard with their mom to accomplish the daily tasks of their academics day in and day out. The Libbrecht brothers certainly demonstrate that giving of themselves and caring for others is a win-win for everyone.

Logan and Nathan definitely love being active and outdoors. In addition to surfing and swimming, they enjoy skateboarding, biking, baseball, soccer, fishing, hiking, camping, running, snorkeling, climbing trees, exploring new places, building all sorts of things, conquering obstacle courses, and working out with their dad. The boys also participate in Awana Club, co-op, and Sunday fellowship at their church. They also spend time on intricate Lego builds and creations, paintings, piano, board games, and tool/workshop activities and on further developing their athletic skills.

Logan has a unique interest in operating mechanics, such as remote-controlled cars, drones, electric scooters/bikes, and robots. Nathan’s unique interest is in animals. He loves to learn about them and care for them. He has tamed a feral kitten to be his pet, taught the family’s foster puppies new tricks, and finds lizards and geckos to gently catch and release.

Although gratitude is something everyone can grow in, Logan and Nathan demonstrate their gratitude often. Logan appreciates hard work and enjoys showing gratitude by helping around the house. He is quick to make his brothers an egg breakfast, mow the lawn for his grandpa, or mop the floor for his mom. Although Nathan loves to receive gifts, he also shows gratitude in giving whether he is sharing snacks or toys with his brothers, giving away his toys, or practicing the subtle art of thinking first of others.


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