Monday message 12.06.2021

Monday Message

TK-1 Read Aloud iLEAD Exploration

TK-1 Read Aloud

Join us for a read aloud with two great books (a cute fictional story and a fun non-fiction story) and some silly songs to sing too. Please see the flier…

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Virtual Ocean Experience (Grades 6-8 only)

Onboard (virtually) the DSV Sea Nettle! Learners will investigate wet and dry marine specimens and engage in the fundamentals of scientific inquiry: curiosity, observation, and asking questions. Along their journey…

Presentation of Learning iLEAD Exploration

Presentation of Learning: Exploring Story Writing

iLEAD learner Fiona has been learning at home from an early age. “Biba,” as she is often called, is bilingual and speaks English and Hungarian fluently. She is currently also…

Social Intelligence iLEAD Exploration

SLO of the Month: Developing Social Intelligence in Learners

Please join our Maker Team on December 15 at 12 pm, for their presentation on Social Intelligence! They will be covering what social intelligence is and ways we might help…

Virtual Town Hall Meeting iLEAD Exploration

Virtual Town Hall

Join us for a virtual town hall at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec 9. The purpose of the Town Hall is to give an overview of our program updates and…

5th Grade Quadruplets

5th Grade Quadruplets Embrace Learning, Exploration and Inquiry

Homeschool families – especially at iLEAD Exploration – have reputations for not only embracing the available personalization, but also maximizing extended learning adventures such as field studies, play-based learning and…

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ASB Applications Due

Associated Student Body (ASB) is a leadership team comprised of learners who will represent the entire...
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