Monday message 05.02.2022


Don’t forget to show your Educational Facilitator how much you appreciate them this week.

Grit 1

Schoolwide Learner Outcome: ​​Grit/CAASPP Testing

Last month’s Schoolwide Learner Outcome was grit. Before we move on to our Schoolwide Learner Outcome for May, we wanted to recognize all of our learners who completed our state…

College Fair

iLEAD Exploration’s National Honor Society (NHS)

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization dedicated to supporting high school learners. NHS serves to recognize those learners who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service,…


California Alternative Education Virtual College Fair

Middle and high schoolers are invited to attend the Cal Alt Virtual College Fair, being hosted by our High School Team and other charter schools. This is an amazing opportunity…

Summer School

iLEAD Online

Summer enrollment at iLEAD Online Track C is now open! If you are  interested in summer credits through iLEAD Online, please make sure they register for Track C now.

College Series (4)

College Information Series

Our College Advisor will be presenting on the first and third Friday of each month on the topics below: 5/06/22:  FERPA 5/20/22:  Transfer Programs

Upcoming Events


ASB Applications Due

Associated Student Body (ASB) is a leadership team comprised of learners who will represent the entire...
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8th Grade Promotion 2023
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