Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

As we continue to explore Asian Pacific Heritage Month, we wanted to leave you with some additional resources and activities to help you learn more about the backgrounds of Asian Pacific Islanders. Below you will find a short list of activities to help you dive deeper:

  • Grab a map and explore the countries, bodies of water, and capitals surrounding East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Check out The National Park Service to take virtual tours and learn more about Asian Pacific Islanders both ordinary and extraordinary.
  • Dive into history. PBS is offering a series of documentaries where you can discover the challenges and contributions of Asian Americans.
  • Be creative. Have you ever wondered about the historical importance of the Hawaiian lei? Here is a short video to help you learn more. If you want to make one yourself, check out this link.
  • Origami is also part of Asian Pacific culture. Check out these step-by-step videos made by Jo Nakashima to make simple origami art.
  • Do you enjoy cooking? Food is a great way to explore culture. Check out the Woks of Life blog for some Chinese recipes that you might try at home.


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Curriculum Library Updates

Just a quick reminder that both of our Curriculum Libraries are open to serve families through June 5.


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