Habit #6: Synergize

Habit #6 Synergize

This is the habit of creative cooperation. Basically, synergy is achieved when two or more people work together to create a better solution than either could alone. It’s not your way or my way, but a better way, a higher way. The more we can get better at living the other habits, the more we will experience synergy as a reward.

To better understand synergy, it’s beneficial to see what synergy is not.

  • It is not tolerating differences, but celebrating differences.
  • It is not working independently, but choosing teamwork.
  • It is not thinking you’re always right, but being open-minded.
  • It is not compromise, but finding new and better ways.

Getting to synergy, whether you’re starting from an argument with a loved one, picking teams for a game, or not seeing eye to eye with a friend, can sometimes be easier to accomplish with this action plan as a guideline:

  • Definite the problem or opportunity.
  • Their way: Seek first to understand the ideas of others.
  • My way: Seek to be understood by sharing your ideas.
  • Brainstorm: Create new options and ideas.
  • High way: Find the best solution for everyone.

This week, look around and notice how much synergy is going on all around you–on a team, in nature, between friends, in the business world. Think about the kinds of creative problem-solving that these groups use and try to bring more of that creativity into your own problems and opportunities.



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