Language Lab, 3-5: The Art of Humor!

boy laughing with book

iLEAD is proudly presenting Language Labs on March 6 at 11 AM. Learners will practice how to use and understand age-appropriate humor (joke telling and receiving, laughing at vs. with, humor from books) using the PEERS Social Curriculum. Click here to register.


book flipping green backdrop books

Book Club Kids Dreaming

One of iLEAD Exploration’s core values is authenticity. As you likely know, our school strives to support our learners as they grow into “authentic individuals who are true to themselves…

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Summer Bridge

We have so many summer learning opportunities for current and returning learners through our Summer Bridge – Camp Edition program. From day camps to weeklong camps, iLEAD Exploration families can…

children playing in park

End-of-the-Year Park Days

Celebrate the end of the school year with families and staff at one of our park days! Visit the hub to see all upcoming park days. May 30 @ 10…

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