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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Learner Spotlight: DeCoursey Family

DeCoursey Family

Meet Ruth, the newest — and eleventh — member of the DeCoursey family!

This past June, baby Ruth had the good fortune to join this large, loving iLEAD Exploration family who enjoy music, reading, and science. This active and accomplished family is animated by purpose — a purpose that leads them to serve and love one another and their community. Together, they make it a habit to participate in service projects with iLEAD Exploration, their church, and other organizations.

The DeCourseys: Sarah (12th), Ben (10th), Rebekah (8th), Daniel (6th), Lydia (4th), Hannah (3rd) and Josiah (1st) are also proactive and forward-thinking and, after four years of homeschooling, they have gotten homeschooling down, with everyone working together to prepare for what comes next.

The DeCourseys start out the year by writing down goals, both personal and academic — and even the little ones participate. When something occurs in the world that concerns them, the DeCourseys take action and employ their highly valued and well-honed writing skills to contact local elected officials to express their concerns.

The family’s two high schoolers showcase the family’s values. Twelfth grader Sarah has taken many community college courses to prepare for a bachelor’s degree in administration of justice and, ultimately, law school. She has also planned high school electives for herself in jewelry design and fashion design. She enjoys party planning and even organized a baby shower for her mom to welcome baby Ruth. Ben, 10th grade, wants to be a neurologist when he grows up. In a purposeful and proactive move, this young man designed a neurology elective for himself in 9th grade.

This family loves to sing and make music together, and all take lessons through a community music school, Harmony Project. Some of you might remember the DeCourseys singing and playing instruments together in the iLEAD Exploration talent show in 2018. They all love to stay active and through PE, with Ben and Daniel especially excelling at basketball. The DeCourseys are all readers and love doing science experiments together, with the older ones helping to teach the younger.

Hats off to the DeCoursey family!




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