SLO of the Month

Gratitude Prompt

Each month, we will focus on one Schoolwide Learner Outcome, or SLOgan of the month, which will help everyone in iLEAD work on an area for growth and success together! For LP 3, our SLOgan is Gratitude.

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful and accessible tool for fostering contentment, happiness, and, surprisingly, productivity and achievement! Now is the perfect time of year to begin a consistent practice of gratitude in your household, especially in support of your iLEAD learners.

Here are some resources and ideas to explore Gratitude:

  • Talk about the “I can…” statement for gratitude with your learners: “I can recognize and show appreciation for opportunities and things done for myself and others.”
  • Watch this Ted Ed Talk on “The Amazing Effects of Gratitude”.
  • Participate in “The Gratitude Experiment”. Start a daily gratitude journal, or write letters of gratitude to people in your life you are thankful for!
  • Make a gratitude poster or wall. You can use a large sheet of paper, poster board, or just sticky notes to share with your household things that you, your learners, or other members of your family are grateful for throughout the month.
  • Cut out and decorate your SLO badge for the LP.


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