SLO of the Month


Each month, we will focus on one Schoolwide Learner Outcome, or SLOgan of the month, which will help everyone in iLEAD work on an area for growth and success together! For LP 2, our SLOgan is Growth Mindset. 

When we have a growth mindset, we understand that our abilities can be developed-we understand that we can grow! Growth mindset can be contrasted to “fixed mindset”; when we have a fixed mindset, we believe that what we are capable of is already set in stone. We may hear a fixed mindset in statements like “I’m not good at math,” while a growth mindset would be reflected in the statement, “I can get better at math with practice!”

Here are some resources and ideas to explore Growth Mindset:

  • Talk about the “I” statement for growth mindset with your learner: “I can develop skills with hard work and practice; I believe I can reach my potential, and that I may not be there yet.”
  • For younger learners, these free growth mindset coloring posters would be a fun way to work growth language into your learning environment.
  • Explore growth mindset through reading and writing about “the power of yet” using this resource.

Any age learner would benefit from studying famous failures! Highlighting and exploring folks who experienced failure, but continued to pursue growth can help form a learner’s approach to failure as an opportunity to learn.


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