SLO: Self-Control

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Each month, we focus on one Schoolwide Learner Outcome, or SLOgan of the month, which helps everyone at iLEAD work on an area for growth and success together! For LP 5, our SLOgan is Self-Control.

Self-control can be such a challenging skill to learn, and it will look different depending on your learner’s developmental stage. Self-control at six years old looks, sounds, and feels very different from self-control at sixteen years old. With younger learners, self-control may focus more on impulse control and delayed gratification. As learners get older (and into adulthood!), self-control may center on effective communication and long-term goals. No matter the age of your learner, there are practical, engaging ways to develop self-control that will contribute to lifelong success.

Here are some resources and ideas to explore Self-Control:

  • Talk about the “I can…” statement for gratitude with your learners: “I stay focused on the task at hand; I control my temper; I hold back from interrupting; I respond to others with respect.”
  • For elementary learners, you can play these engaging games to help learners practice and develop self-control: Ten Games to Practice Self-Control.
  • For middle and high school age learners, the article “How to Help High Schoolers Gain Self-Control” has some practical advice for communication to help set up your tween and teen learners for success by developing self-control skills.
    Cut out and decorate your SLO badge for LP 5.


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