Miss Ayla Music [S]

Miss Ayla Music, located in Santa Clarita, offers in-home private piano or voice instruction for the convenience of the family. Miss Ayla’s vocal instruction includes ear-training, proper singing technique -use of breath support, sight-singing practice, learning solfeggio, and performance technique. Miss Ayla’s piano instruction includes learning to read music, ear-training, sight-reading and rhythm practice, proper playing techniques, and performance technique. Once a semester, Miss Ayla provides a performance opportunity for all of her students to participate in, so that they may become more confident musicians, performers, and well-rounded individuals.
Approved instructor: Ayla Lippincott

YK Martial Arts, Inc. [S]

YK Martial Arts, Inc. is located in Anaheim that teaches Martial Arts -Taekwondo. Any surrounding areas are welcomed to join our classes.
Approved instructor: Young Kyu Choi

Piano Lessons by Heidi Kuehne [S]

Piano lessons by Heidi Kuehne, I give private piano instruction to students aged 7 through High-School. Students will learn how to read notes, music theory, scales, and chords. They will develop a repertoire of songs and be exposed to different genres of music, for example: Classical, Folk, Popular, Jazz, and any other genre student is interested in pursuing. We hold bi-yearly recital performances. Students are encouraged with rewards, and are given a positive and joyful perspective in music!
Approved instructor: Heidi Kuehne

The Coder School Mission Viejo [S]

We teach young students, ages 7-18, how to write computer software. As part of learning how to code, our students also learn logical thinking skills and problem solving skills, which will transfer into all other academic areas.

United Studios of Self Defense Cypress [S]

United Studios of Self Defense-Cypress Martial Arts, Kempo Karate. The Kempo system is a fantastic blend between traditional martial arts and today’s practical street self-defense styles.There are many different reasons for people to learn martial arts: to learn self-defense, to keep physically fit, to learn philosophy, to reduce stress and to develop discipline. For whatever reason you are looking, we want to make a difference in your life. We will custom fit the martial arts to your needs and goals, and to recognize your personal characteristics. We offer Kempo as the main style which is a very balanced combination of traditional Japanese Karate
Approved Instructor: Mario Guerrero

Tinker the Robot [P]

Tinker the Robot creates hands-on Science and Engineering Subscription Boxes that encourage collaboration. Each box comes with a graphic novel/lab notebook and all the supplies you need! The graphic novel follows our characters Tinker and Sputnik on a time traveling adventure where they meet a scientist, complete a build, learn scientific theory through experiments and complete a challenge.

A Thinking Place, Inc. [P]

Science Products that coincide with weekly science plans. Biology, Earth Science, and more. Hands on science exploration supplies.

Jacobsen Tutoring [S]

Jacobsen Tutoring is located in Trabuco Canyon, CA. Assists kindergarten and lower elementary students with reading readiness, language arts, music, math skills and large and fine motor skills.
Approved instructor: Amy Jacobsen

Writings from the Wild [P]

Writings from the Wild offers an exciting way to learn about animal science! Each handcrafted letter provides information about a new animal, written from the perspective of that animal, along with a collector’s card. You will also receive access to handcrafted downloadable activity sheets! The pairing of visual art pieces with a handwritten letter makes animal education even more fun for kids!

Curtain Call Performing Arts [S]

Curtain Call Performing Arts, located in Santa Clarita, provides instruction in Acting, Dance, Improv, Musical Theater, Stuntwork, and Music taught by instructors who work in the industry.
Approved instructors: David Goro, Danielle Goro

Valencia Tutors Learning Center [P]

Valencia Tutors is a WASC accredited, NCAA certified, comprehensive K12 learning center, serving the Santa Clarita valley for 15 years. Valencia Tutors offer all A thru G courses for credit English, math, science, social studies, Spanish and some core electives for high school and junior high school students.
This account is for materials.

Titans Tutoring [S]

Titans Tutoring provided 1 on 1 private tutoring in Corona and Riverside for all academic subjects, including ESL students. Plus academic classes, test-taking, study skills, science, arts, and crafts for children. Our private tutoring rates cannot be beat.

Our learning center tutors 5 days a week, 9 am to 6 pm. Daytime is dedicated to our home and charter school families. We offer instruction in reading, all levels of math, enrichment classes or you can sign up for individual classes or tutoring.
Approved instructor: Julie Bui

Titans Tutoring [P]

Titans Tutoring provides academic programs and academic 1 on 1 private tutoring in the Inland Empire for all academic subjects and all ages.

We offer morning academic and enrichment classes for our homeschool and charter school students. Our academic class focused on math, language arts, science, and typing. Titans enrichment class program includes science, engineering, and art for students in K-4 grades.
This account is for materials.

Wings and Rotors Academy [S]

We provide STEM AVIATION education to students TK-12. Career PILOT program/mentoring for high school. Hands on aviation workshops located at French Valley Airport, Murrieta, CA. FAA approved full-size flight simulator on site. Flight Scholarships and more.
Ground lessons only. No in-flight classes approved.

The Piano Studio of Katy Beth Unger [S]

The Piano Studio of Katy Beth Unger, located in the San Fernando Valley, strives to inspire a love of music and learning in students while encouraging them to pursue individual discovery during their music study. As a teacher, I encourage my students to strive for excellence in every area of life through their lessons with me. I believe that the benefits of music study far exceed musical talent and skills, and include building confidence and self-motivation, training discipline and perseverance, and creating respectful and hard-working young men and women. I teach primarily in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.
Approved Instructor: Kathryn Unger


Screenwriting Kids is a self-paced online course that teaches young writers how to craft a profession screenplay for a short film. This step-by-step course guides students through basic, intermediate and advanced concepts –plot, story structure, theme, subtext, characterization, and more– to promote quality storytelling. There are six learning modules which include video lessons, quizzes, writing prompts and downloadable materials. Students receive instructor feedback on submitted assignments and have access to instructor for questions and additional guidance. Our goal is to provide students with the confidence to find their voice and write their stories as skilled screenwriters.
Approved instructor: Debra M Wright

Michelle Matthews [S]

Michelle Matthews: I currently tutor and teach the following subjects in all grade levels: English, Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Essay/MLA writing, AP tests, SAT -reading and writing, Math – through pre algebra, study planning, test preparation, project development and specialist, Cursive, Oral presentation, Acting, Singing.
Approved instructor: Michelle Matthews

Innate Math [P]

Innate math sells materials fees associated with our outdoor, nature-based math classes for your kindergartener or first grade student that will annually advance in grade as they do. These classes integrate learning with play to create a meaningful understanding of math concepts, while tapping into nature’s ability to foster engagement and development through the ever-changing sights, scents, sounds, and textures of nature. Escape the limits of the classroom and the attempts to understand math with paper, and allow your child engage and absorb math.

Innate Math [S]

Learn math naturally. At Innate Math we provide outdoor, nature-based math classes for your kindergartener or first grade student that will annually advance in grade as they do. These weekly drop-off classes integrate learning with play to create a meaningful understanding of math concepts, while tapping into nature’s ability to foster engagement and development through the ever-changing sights, scents, sounds, and textures of nature. Escape the limits of the classroom and the attempts to understand math with paper, and allow your child to engage in and absorb math!
-Location: Irvine Regional Park, Orange
-Please email to check availability prior to submitting your order at Innatemath@yahoo.com
-Innate math also provides private tutoring located in the Irvine area.
Approved instructor: Whitney Azizi

Atlas Academy [S]

Atlas Academy is located in Brea, CA, and serves the greater area including Brea, Yorba Linda, Olinda, Fullerton, and more. We cater to students needs from common core math, reading, writing, and we offer homework help. We also offer enrichment classes in STEAM,Coding, Abacus, and Korean.
Approved Instructor: Jinhee Song

Messy Play Kits [P]

Messy Play Kits are sensory activity kits for kids: open-ended sensory bins and science kits to make learning at home even easier! Our Messy Play Kits contain multiple projects per box, a perfect blend of science experiments, art projects, and sensory play. Our Sensory Bins make sensory play easy to do, by providing the materials and toys needed to develop fine motor control, creativity, and let kids learn they way the do best: with active exploration.

MY Learning Center [S]

MY Learning Center is a center that provides homewrok help, tutoring, and enrichment classes. We have tutors that review and correct homework to ensure that the student understands what they are learning. Our 1:1 private tutoring are for those students struggling with a specific subject. Our enrichment classes include Spanish, Chinese, Drawing, and Art classes
Approved instructors: Brenda Esfandiary, Damon Esfandiary

Woke Homeschooling [P]

US History curriculum -PDF download. Oh Freedom! is 38-weeks of U.S. History lessons. You’ll cover the pre-colonial era, where Native nations flourished, through the present, where we’re grappling with the results of a complicated past. Using A Young People’s History of the United States – Zinn, A Different Mirror – Takaki, and Heart & Soul – Nelson, and many other books, documentaries, online resources and music, students will learn history through the eyes of Native Americans, African Americans and immigrants. Secular versions only

Firestorm Freerunning & Acrobatics: Galaxy [S]

Firestorm Freerunning and Acrobatics – Galaxy is Moreno Valley’s first and only Parkour, Gymnastics, and Acrobatics facility. We offer 1 hour Classes on Parkour – learning to fall, jump, roll, swing, and climb. Gymnastics – learning proper body position and form for acrobatics. Aerial Silks – learning aerial awareness and silks climbing, poses, and drops. Tumbling – learning gymnastics floor skills. Trampoline – learning body control, flips, and spins.

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