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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Field Trips

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Field Trip: In-N-Out Seal Beach


iLEAD Exploration learners had the fun privilege of taking a tour of In-N-Out in Seal Beach. Learners were shown where the produce, meat, and dairy products are stored (no freezers here!). They learned how shakes are made and were able to see how many potatoes In-N-Out goes through in one day. They even cut french fries with the cool potato press machine. Learners finished the tour enjoying the custom-made burgers and the fries they helped cut! What a great field trip!

By way of reminder, our final field trip release for the 2018-19 school year is set for Feb. 5. Be sure to mark your calendars!

iLEAD Field Trip Fun


This fall, our learners have enjoyed many exciting field trips, and some of them are highlighted below. Our next field trip release is Tuesday, Dec. 4!

Magic Mountain field trip: iLEAD learners explored the park while discovering concepts like potential energy, gravity and friction. It was a fun-filled, thrill-seeking day at the park!

ILEAD Learners and Stanley the Giraffe at Malibu Hikes

Malibu Hikes field trip: iLEAD learners enjoyed up close fun with Stanley the giraffe, as well as numerous zebras, alpacas, llamas and horses. Some were even brave enough to feed Stanley some lettuce from their mouths! They also saw the only remaining Chumash cave paintings in the Santa Monica mountains that depict people. This was such a fun, interactive, and informative field trip!

Fun at Rancho Las Lomas

Rancho Las Lomas Wildlife field trip: iLEAD learners met all sorts of animals! They learned about zebras, foxes, a white bengal tiger, a huge iguana, and lots of parrots and exotic birds. After touring and learning unique facts about each animal, families enjoyed picnicking on the lovely Rancho Las Lomas grounds.

Resting up after hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Grassy Hollow/Pacific Crest Trail field trip: iLEAD learners explored the nature center, bird watched, and hiked the famous PCT with an experienced trail guide. We will definitely repeat this field trip in the future, as the learners and parents loved it!

Field Trips: Legoland


Our Legoland field trip was a huge success! On Oct 4, over 200 tickets were distributed to learners and their families. They had a wonderful time exploring the park.

We hope that you are enjoying all of the field trips that iLEAD Exploration is organizing. If you missed this one, don’t worry, there are many more to come. Please take a look at our upcoming events and click “more event info and signups”.

Family Fun Field Trips

field trip flyer - featured image

Come explore with iLEAD Exploration! We are excited to announce that our first field trip release will be Tuesday, August 28, at 10 a.m., via the website and email. If you do not already have a Hub login, be sure to send an email to your educational facilitator so that you can sign up for field trips. Please follow these instructions on how to sign up.


Centennial Farm Field Trip

Farm Field Trip

Last week, iLEAD families visited the Centennial Farm. Chickens, pigs, oxen, kale and cabbage – it’s all good on the farm. Created to educate learners about agriculture and its importance to our daily lives, Centennial Farm is a three-acre working farm that is home to fruit and vegetable gardens and an array of livestock. We had such a wonderful time touring and learning all about the farm!

Riley’s Farm Field Trip

Group Riley's

It was a brisk and foggy 44 degree morning as our learners experienced what it was like to be a 49er at Riley’s Farm. Learners traveled from station to station to learn about the rules of supply and demand, mining for gold, panning for gold, working in a boarding house, being a deputy, and general life during the Gold Rush. They were then given an hour to work and earn “money” for an auction that took place at the end of the day. Some of the jobs included being a deputy, working in the gold mine, panning for gold, and working in the boarding house. Learners were given a 49er’s ration of food, which consisted of beef jerky, corn bread, an apple, and lemonade. It was a cold, fun, and educational day for all.

Spring Hike ~ Monrovia Canyon


A group of iLEAD Exploration learners recently went on a beautiful hike with Joel Robinson from Naturalist For You. Joel pointed out a variety of plants (many of them edible), birds and animals along the way to a waterfall in Monrovia Canyon. They ate miners lettuce and chickweed, and learned how mugwort can help alleviate a headache and itching from poison oak. They observed velvet tree ants, western fence lizards, and even learned a few words from the Tongva language. The highlight of the adventure was toward the end of the hike when they saw a mama bear and her three baby cubs!

Simi Valley Landfill Tour


Landfills are stinky, but this field trip was far from it. Learners spent an hour on a minibus exploring the Simi Valley landfill at the Waste Management facility. They learned how to create green energy from landfill gas for the community. Our learners got an up-close look at the construction and demolition recycling facility where big bulldozers and crushers were in action. They visited the trash area where they were told why it is important to think twice before throwing things away.

The highlight of this trip was the certified Wildlife Habitat Conservation Programs. Learners toured the habitats of barn owls, which help to keep the mice population under control.

At the end of the tour, the guide tested the learners’ knowledge of what can go in a recycling container, and the results were surprising. Each participant got a mini trash can as a souvenir. This trip was a perfect educational field trip for both young and old learners.

King Tut Field Trip


iLEAD learners and families drove from all corners of the greater Los Angeles area to visit the highly acclaimed King Tut exhibit at the California Science Center on the first day of spring break. We were sad to learn that King Tut’s mummy has never left his tomb and the coffins and death mask now always stay in Egypt, but there was a beautiful assortment of furniture, statues, and jewelry from his tomb as well as fascinating videos and an amazing movie at the IMAX. Everyone loved observing the ancient objects up close and decided they wanted their next iLEAD field trip to be all the way to Egypt itself (any takers?)! After touring the exhibit, families split up to explore the rest of the exhibits throughout the science center and get lunch. One family went across the street to Chick-Fil-A and were served by one of our own ilEAD high schoolers working the lunch shift there. Thanks for the good food, Jose! His manager even stopped by to leave a good word about his work there. iLEAD learners are everywhere, doing all kinds of amazing things!

Fun at the Firestation


On Wednesday, March 7, a group of iLEAD families enjoyed a wonderful tour of La Mirada Fire Station No. 49. Learners toured the station to see where the firefighters eat, sleep, work, and even do chores while on duty.

They learned about the truck, equipment, supplies, and how firefighters keep it all in tip-top shape. Learners were able to try on the oxygen tank or jacket and they discovered just how heavy the equipment is!

The group was able to watch the firefighters in action as the station received three calls while they were there. It was a great time!

UCLA Cub Tour Review

ucla bruins

March 14 was a beautiful day on the campus of UCLA for a tour! Our learners enjoyed their time walking around the campus learning about what it’s like to attend college at the world’s most applied-to public university. The popular Urban Legends Tour of UCLA entertained the learners and had everyone guessing what was true and what wasn’t. It was a great day to be a Bruin!

Lucy-Lou Mine Immersion at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Field Trip


iLEAD Exploration learners participated in the Lucy-Lou Mine Immersion at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center on Monday, March 5. They rotated through several stations learning about rocks and minerals as it relates to the history of the Gold Rush.

First, attendees learned about the Assay Office where they weighed different minerals using a scale. They also learned about smelting a gold ore in order to make gold bars to earn money.

At the Geode Cracking station, learners shouted “Let’s get cracking” by taking turns using a machine to crack open a geode rock that they got to keep and take home. At the Rockapalooza station, learners identified minerals and rocks by their physical properties; transparency, color, streak, or luster. In Rock Polishing, learners first polished their geodes or a calcite rock with sand paper.

Then they used toothpaste and a toothbrush to further polish their rock to create a luster or shiny effect on their rock. Next, learners climbed down the Lucy-Lou Mine with hard hats, picks, and shovels searching for coal in the mine. This was the most exciting part of the field trip for many of the learners!

Lastly, learners panned for gold. They learned that panning for gold was a team effort and a lot of work but the sounds of “Eureka” being shouted let them know when a team member struck gold. This hands-on, engaging field trip was a huge success.

Field Trip to IN-N-OUT Seal Beach


The IN-N-OUT field trip in Seal Beach was a lot of fun!! The learners toured the kitchen and learned about food storage and preparations. They even learned about some secret menu items! The learners especially enjoyed getting to cut potatoes into french fries. After the tour, everyone enjoyed a free meal including the fries they helped cut!

IN-N-OUT BURGER Field Trip in Rancho Santa Margarita


Quality You Can Taste.

On Feb. 26, a group of iLEAD Exploration learners learned how this motto is carried out each day at the IN-N-OUT BURGER in Rancho Santa Margarita. Learners observed firsthand that cleanliness, friendliness and conscientiousness are the important factors that make this business so popular. They were able to tour the back of the store and learn about the freshness of the meat and produce. They watched the process of preparing the potatoes for becoming delicious french fries, and they were able to help make some french fries! These learners were treated like VIP customers from the moment they stepped into the restaurant. They were served hot cocoa before their tour and were later served a free meal of their choice at the conclusion of the tour. Did you know that learners up to the age of 12 can get FREE hot cocoa at any IN-N-OUT BURGER on rainy days?

Discovery Cube Field Trip Review


iLEAD Exploration learners had a wonderful visit to the Discovery Cube! Learners started this field trip with a presentation on predicting forces. Then they were off to explore the museum and participate in the hands-on exhibits. They had the opportunity to learn about the math and science behind the game of hockey. Some decided to race against others to sort recyclables and other waste materials. Using a touch-screen tablet, learners went on a scavenger hunt to inspect a home to see if it was earthquake proof and energy efficient. There was so much to see and do, and everyone had a great time exploring!

Field Trip to the Getty Villa


Described as “fabulous” by one of the parents, our field trip to the amazing Getty Villa took our learners on a trip back in time as they learned about the architecture, art, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome! Our wonderful docent explained the mythological background of many of the priceless pieces of art we were able to view, and truly fostered an appreciation for all that we saw. From the ancient statues and other artifacts to the architecture of the Getty Villa itself (with its beautiful gardens), it was a wonderful day!

Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant Field Trip


iLEAD learners took on a smelly challenge! They gathered at the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant to inspect how Los Angeles processes our raw sewage waste. They discovered the fascinating ways sewage is cooked and stirred with bacteria to produce electrical power. Their eyes were opened to the ways these facilities protect our oceans and serve our environment. iLEAD learners toured the facility and participated in fun, hands-on activities.

Guide Dogs of America Field Trip


On Feb. 6, learners had the opportunity to visit the Guide Dogs of America campus in Sylmar. Twenty-one people showed up for a very informative tour of the beautiful campus and received a wealth of information about guide dogs and their training.


They learned what it means to be a puppy raiser, what to do when you see a puppy-in-training, and how it is different from encountering a working guide dog. They also learned interesting terms like intelligent disobedience. Best of all, they got to see some puppies!

For more information about Guide Dogs of America, please visit here.


Important Reminders

field trip

Hello, Families!

Tuesday, Feb. 6 is our last field trip release of the school year! On Feb. 6, tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. for all spring field trips! This includes trips to The Gentle Barn, a UCLA Cub Tour, a mock trial at the Superior Court of California, the California Science Center King Tut Exhibit, and many more fun trips! Some trips offered will have the option to use learner funds for a learner’s ticket. Please log into the Hub under Resources/Community/Field Trips to view all the trips and get more information!

As we continue to develop our program, we highly value your feedback! Please complete the parent survey that was sent via email by your educational facilitator. Only one survey per family is needed. Please also note that if you received an email today from iLEAD Schools about an LCAP Survey, you may disregard that email. Our apologies as it was mistakenly sent to some of our independent study families.

Have a terrific week of learning with your family!

Annenberg Space for Photography – CUBA IS


iLEAD learners visited Annenberg Space for Photography to view the exhibit “Cuba Is.” The show is on view until March 4, so if you missed this field trip, there is still time to visit. The show explores aspects of Cuba’s current culture through the works of five photographers and an original documentary film produced by the Annenberg.

Last Field Trip Release of the Year!

field trip

Hello, Families!

It is hard to believe that semester two is about to begin! This coming week, your educational facilitator will send you a survey to provide us with feedback about our expanding program. We greatly value your insights and desire to keep developing and customizing our program with your learner(s) in mind!

Tuesday, Feb. 6 is our last field trip release of the school year! Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Feb. 6 for field trips happening in March and April, and will include trips to The Gentle Barn, a UCLA Cub Tour, a mock trial at the Superior Court of California, the California Science Center King Tut Exhibit, and many more! Please log into the Hub under Resources/Community/Field Trips to view all the trips and get more information!

Have a great week of learning and exploring!


Eighth Grade Trip to DC


Attention, Families of Eighth Graders!

One of iLEAD’s site-based charters is opening up their eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C., to all iLEAD eighth graders! If interested, please follow the instructions in the flier. Up to $500 in instructional funds may be used for this highly educational opportunity!


Heritage Hill Field Trip Review


Learners experienced history first-hand as they visited four fully restored historic buildings at Heritage Hill. At St. George’s Episcopal Mission, learners had the opportunity to learn about occupations in old El Toro. They also got to touch walnuts, black-eyed peas and apricots. At the El Toro Grammar School, learners experienced the one-room schoolhouse and got to write on slates and read from McRuffy Readers. Some “lucky” learners got to experience first-hand the consequences that children long ago would have received: putting their noses to the blackboard and either holding their leg up or holding their arms straight out while holding books.

. .

At the Bennett House, learners washed laundry the old-fashioned way using a scrub board, a wringer, and hanging their clothes to dry. Finally, they visited the Serrano Adobe House and learned about the secret drawer hidden in dressers and got to grind corn. Overall, a fun time was had by all!

. .

Bob Baker Marionettes Field Trip


A group of iLEAD families attended the wonderful Bob Baker Marionette’s “Holiday on Strings” program on Dec. 12. The Bob Baker Marionette Theater has been performing classic shows in downtown Los Angeles since 1963. The “Holiday on Strings” program has been performed for decades and takes the audience on a magical journey through the winter holidays





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