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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Field Trips

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Explore Boston and the Big Apple!

Exciting news! Once the deposit has been paid, each iLEAD learner may use $500 of their instructional funds toward the cost of this trip.


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Field Trip to The Gentle Barn

gentle barn a




gentle-barn2-225x300.jpgOn Tuesday, May 9, twenty of our iLEAD families attended a field trip to the Gentle Barn. The Gentle Barn takes care of neglected and abused animals, so our families were asked to HUG and brush the cows, feed carrots to the horses, hold the chickens, and pet the pigs, goats, sheep, and emu.

What an amazing experience it was for our families to be able to spend some precious, personal moments with these very gentle animals in need of love and attention! Our learners showed great compassion and sensitivity to the needs of these animals.gentle-barn3-225x300.jpg

In the end, each one of our learners made a wish at the wishing well for what they believe could make our world a better and more loving place for animals, people and our environment. Thank you to all of of our families that showed up (we had 100 percent attendance!) to learn about and care for these special animals.

Field Trip to LEGOLAND


A couple of weeks ago, hundreds of iLEAD learners and their families enjoyed a full day at LEGOLAND and the Sea Life Aquarium!



Field Trip to In-N-Out

In N Out

In-N-Out gave our learners an informative, fun and delicious tour of their store in Northridge. The kids learned about the importance of communication, how In-N-Out runs their family-owned business and promotes from within, and even got to try their hand at cutting potatoes!

Field Trip to The Creativity Lab Depot for Creative Reuse

Creativity Lab

creativity-lab2-150x150.jpgAt The Creativity Lab, learners were challenged to make a marble run with repurposed materials.

The marbles had to travel 3 feet to complete the challenge successfully. After many attempts and adjustments, teams rose to the challenge and conquered that goal!

A highlight of our time was exploring and creating our own creative projects.


Field Trip to Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga

theatricum botanicum

Theatricum Botanicum is an open-air theatre in Topanga, situated in the Santa Monica Mountains. Our learners and their parents were able to participate in various pre-show workshops and even got to do improv!

Under the cover of the forest, we then watched, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” performed by professional actors in brilliant costumes and makeup! Characters swung from trees, combatted, and ran through the audience while spinning Shakespeare’s magical tale of love and magic. Three of our own iLEAD Exploration learners were able to perform in the actual play!

theatricum-botanicum2-281x300.jpgDuring the Q&A session following the performance, the actors specifically commented on how impressed they were by our group’s behavior, which was pretty amazing to hear!

It was a truly marvelous field trip for all ages and we hope to return soon to Theatricum Botanicum!

Field Trip to Home Depot


iLEAD learners had an awesome field trip to Home Depot. Everyone loved getting to build and paint a tool box or a boat!


Explore Boston and the Big Apple!




















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iLEAD learners visited LACMA for two fun and educational docent-led programs. Learners in grades 1-5 participated in “Seeing Matters: Critical Thinking Through Art.” They observed various works of art and discussed how it was made, what it showed, and its purpose. They also worked in groups to complete puzzles of artwork. Learners in grades 5-12 participated in “Heroes, Legends, Gods, and Myths.” All societies have myths and legends that represent the beliefs, principles, and concerns of that society. This tour used paintings, sculptures, and other objects from various cultures as the means of exploring such stories.


Hyperion Water Treatment Plant Field Trip


hyperion2-165x300.jpgThis past week, our iLEAD learners took a tour of the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant. It is Los Angeles’ oldest and largest wastewater treatment facility. Our learners engaged in multiple hands-on exhibits, watched an inspiring mini documentary, and put on their hard hats to investigate the plant for themselves. We learned about technological innovations that make wastewater recovery possible. Our eyes were opened to the ways these facilities protect our coastal environment and serve our communities by reclaiming raw sewage waste. It was such a valuable field trip!


Hiking at Malibu Creek State Park


Last week, iLEAD learners enjoyed another beautiful day hiking at Malibu Creek State Park. The hike leaders told families interesting facts about the plants and animals that are found throughout the park.


Field Trip to Starr Ranch

iLEAD Exploration visited Starr Ranch in south Orange County last week. Families observed how the scientists there catch birds and the reasons why. Learners were able to hold a couple of birds after observations were recorded and then release them. Families finished their time with a nature hike learning about owls, bats, plants, and much more. They even came across a mountain lion’s track from the night before, which had been caught on video (below). They also observed a King snake slither near the trail. Starr Ranch is definitely a gem in Orange County!


Star Eco Station Field Trip


The Star Eco Station tour was fun and educational. This organization is an animal rescue/sanctuary for animals that are recovered in and around the L.A. area, whether they be abandoned pets or illegally smuggled animals. They have everything from birds, to fish, to reptiles, to some small mammals. The day started out with a fun presentation where the learners got to see animals up close, pet them, and learn lots of fun facts about a variety of animals. Did you know that chinchillas cannot get wet or they get moldy? Did you know the sure-fire way to tell an alligator from a crocodile? Alligators have a U-shaped snout, while crocodiles have a V- shaped snout. We learned these facts and many more. Then we toured the facility and got to see and learn about all of the animals that live at Star Eco Station. It was a great day and this is a great organization!



Knott’s Berry Farm Field Trip


Earlier this week, iLEAD learners had an amazing time at Knott’s Berry Farm, where we learned about life during the westward movement.

Field Trip to Medieval Times


iLEAD families were treated to lunch and entertainment at Medieval Times on Tuesday. Horses and knights displayed chivalry as they showed their skills and battled in an ultimate duel to crown the champion.





Field Trip to the Reptile Zoo

About a week ago, iLEAD learners were treated to a wonderful learning experience at The Reptile Zoo. Reptiles, amphibians and arachnids from around the world were seen, discussed and even touched!

Hiking at Malibu Creek State Park


Last Monday was a beautiful day for a hike! Our families enjoyed a wonderful day together as they hiked through Malibu Creek State Park.


Field Trips

Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for this fantastic field trip (ticket sales will close on Tuesday):

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Workshop on April 28 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum School Days Field Trip has been serving Southern California learners for over 35 years. The School Days Field Trip is a multi-modal arts education experience including a preparatory workshop for learners, professional development for educators, a comprehensive study guide, an interactive living history, theater technique workshops and a talkback with cast and crew (in addition to a high-quality professional performance of a Shakespeare play presented at Theatricum’s beautiful 299-seat outdoor amphitheatre in the Santa Monica mountains). Sign up here if interested!

There are still some spring field trips with openings available. Click here to browse the field trips! When you click on the Eventbrite for the activity, it will tell you whether signups have ended.

Field Trip to In-N-Out Burger


Last week’s field trip to In-N-Out Burger in Rancho Santa Margarita was a blast. Steve, the manager, treated our learners to a fantastic tour and lavished all sorts of goodies upon them (shakes, burgers, fries – the works). The kids had a blast!


The Science Behind Pixar


The Science Behind Pixar field trip was a fun experience for our iLEAD families to explore the California Science Center while mingling with other homeschoolers. This exhibit, with over 40 interactive elements, guided learners step by step through the filmmaking process. We gained insight on how the Pixar production team creates films from the computer to the big screen. It was an independent, hands-on learning process that intricately laid out the science and technology necessary to design the movies. Our group then moved on to explore the Endeavor exhibit followed up with lunch in the common area. It was a great time!


Field Trips

Hello, Families!
There are still some spring field trips with openings available. In fact, our amazing field trip team made sure they reserved spots for hundreds of our learners to attend LegoLand, but the last day to register is tomorrow, February 21. Click here to browse the field trips! When you click on the Eventbrite for the activity, it will tell you whether sales have ended.

Field Trip to Watts Tower Art Center


The Watts Tower field trip was a fun experience! Our learners received a personal tour through the historical structures, learning all about the symbolism and original intent of the artwork. They were led through a current art exhibit accompanied by a documentary on Simon Rodia’s life work. Lastly, our learners finished the day with a creative art project to take home! This field trip was not only an art history lesson, but it also inspired our creative juices for future innovation.

Field Trip to ChocXO Tour


About a week ago, iLEAD learners had an informative (and tasty!) tour of the ChocXO factory in Irvine.

Families learned the entire process of making chocolate from how cocoa pods are harvested through the final mixing that goes into a chocolate bar.

They were able to taste cocoa fruit and beans along the way, ending with selecting three delicious samples from the chocolate case.

Planes of Fame Field Trip


planes_fame_field_trip2-300x225.jpgThis past week, many iLEAD learners gathered together to take a docent-led tour of the Planes of Fame in Chino. As learners walked through the hangars, they were able to see historical planes used during World War I and World War II and learn about the features of various planes and how those are necessary for flight. Learners also got the opportunity to learn about the Wright Brothers and discuss topics of aviation including its early development.

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