Film This! Film Festival 2018


The Film This! Film Festival will be held on March 8 in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Presidential Learning Center from 7 to 9 p.m.
Not only will local documentary film makers be honored at the annual red carpet event, but visitors will also have the pleasure to hear from Academy and Emmy Award winning producer Mr. Michael Williams. Mr. Williams will also bring his Oscar and Emmy awards to show guests.
If you are interested in viewing the Academy Award winning documentary, “The Fog of War,” it is available for download on YouTube. Please also feel free to prepare learners for this extraordinary FREE event with lesson plans from Brown University.  Lessons emphasize the historical content of topics such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War as well as themes such as “Film as Media.”
Please feel free to share information about this event with others. It is free to the entire community. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible.



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