Coffee Connections


Homeschool parents are devoted to the academic and social needs of their children. But how often are they able to connect with fellow homeschool parents who understand the joys and challenges of this alternative learning path?

In an effort to encourage these connections, some of our educational facilitators have voluntarily come together and created spaces for our Exploration parents to meet up! While these gatherings will be lots of fun for the kids, the primary purpose is for parents to connect with one another. The goal is to provide a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for parents to get to know others in their local homeschool community!

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Coffee Connections and Parent University

Hello, Families! We hope you had a wonderful week back at school! Our educational facilitators continue to be hard at work planning many things for our learners and families! This past week, your educational facilitator emailed you many exciting new… Read More

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Neuro-Movement Coffee Chat

Veteran homeschooling mom, Amber Schneider, walked us through the nine essentials of “The Neuro-movement Method” at our SCVi Exploration Learning Center. She taught us about the method and provided practical applications on how we can use the principles of this… Read More

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Santa Clarita Coffee Talk and Halloween Fun

Parents and Learners, You are invited to our October Coffee Talk (be sure to RSVP so we know who is coming). Families can dress up in costume or come as themselves! Parents will be sipping coffee while joining veteran homeschool… Read More

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