Exploring Colleges

College iLEAD Exploration

College is a learner’s future home so exploring purposefully is worth the time and energy. There are more than 3000 colleges and universities in the United States alone that vary by size, location, and culture. So what is the best way to learn about a college?

A great place to start is with self-discovery. Using the College Personality Quiz or Corsava, a learner can explore what is important to them about a college and then begin the search. Scoir, our college search tool, is a great way to narrow down choices. Learners can search for and follow colleges and create a list of potential colleges.

Typically, after a learner develops a list they tour campuses. While touring used to be limited to driving or even flying, Covid has changed the landscape and now every college has a virtual option. Learners can sign up for online information sessions, student panels, and even take virtual tours. Many admissions officers provide office hours where learners can set up one on one appointments and ask specific questions about what the college has to offer.

As California begins to return to normal, learners can also take advantage of in-person visits to numerous local colleges. When visiting, it is not about finding a specific college; it is about finding what type of college feels right, so visit a wide variety of colleges. By making virtual and on-campus visits, learners might be surprised at what they find!

Laura Kazan, our college advisor, can help learners build a college list to match their academic strengths and extracurricular interests. Sign up for an appointment with Laura Kazan right away.



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