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College Information Series

There is a wide range of help for learners who have demonstrated a need for financial assistance. College can be affordable for families with a wide variety of incomes. We…

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College Information Series: Merit

Did you know that the average cost of tuition is 52% lower than the sticker price? Merit aid, also known as scholarships, is available at most colleges and some will…

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Live High School Classes

Our very own Exploration Facilitators are offering live high school courses for the 2022-23 school year in World History and World Literature. These A-G courses are designed by our facilitators…

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Teen Photographers: Open Call

The Getty Youth Development team is thrilled to announce that Getty Unshuttered is partnering with Amplifier to launch the second annual open call for teen photographers ages 13-19. As we…

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Concurrent Enrollment iLEAD Exploration

Concurrent Enrollment Important Announcement

All requests for winter/spring concurrent enrollment must be submitted to your EF by December 15. Forms will NOT be signed over the winter break. The counselors will resume signing and emailing forms on January…

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College iLEAD Exploration

Exploring Colleges

College is a learner’s future home so exploring purposefully is worth the time and energy. There are more than 3000 colleges and universities in the United States alone that vary by size,…

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Associated Student Body (ASB)

Hello fellow iLEAD learners, We are your ASB 2021-22 co-presidents. We are back again for another year and perhaps you would like to know a little bit about ASB. ASB…

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mental health

Mental Health Awareness: Supporting Your Teenagers

May is Mental Health Awareness month. During these unprecedented times, it is important that we are aware of mental health concerns. Some common mental health conditions include the following: 1….

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California Alternative Education College Fair

On May 12, from 6-8 pm, iLEAD Exploration will be participating in our first-ever virtual college fair with over 50 colleges participating from across the states and around the world! We…

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Graduation 2021

We are looking forward to a special in-person ceremony to honor our 2021 graduates! iLEAD Exploration’s graduation ceremony will be held on June 3 at 4:00 pm. The current location is The…

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Exploring the Military

Joining the military after high school can bring many benefits. In addition to serving your country and learning important life skills, you can receive housing, subsidized food, health care, and an education….

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National Honor Society

Hi, this is Kelly Henley, a student officer for NHS. While NHS is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students, it’s more than just an honor…

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Questions About College? Take Our College Explorations Course

Next year, Exploration’s College Advisor, Laura Kazan, will be offering a repeat of her year-long College Exploration course for college-bound 11th graders. This year’s class was a big success and provided learners…

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High School Spotlight: Titus Rehard

Born a natural engineer, toddler Titus looked for household objects he could subject to his carefully planned dissembling tests. Titus’s success ratio was unusually high, which caught the attention of his…

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college students

College and Career Advising for All iLEAD Exploration Learners

High school counselors work tirelessly to support their students’ efforts to attend the colleges and universities of their choice. And although these efforts produce tremendous results for some, iLEAD Exploration’s…

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Never Stop

Summer School

Are you looking to get credits over the summer this year? While iLEAD Exploration is not in session during the summer, parents may pay out-of-pocket for summer courses. Below are…

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You Science

Explore Careers Using YouScience!

YouScience is the science of you! Utilizing a series of brain games, YouScience analyzes your unique aptitudes and interests and matches you to potential careers. If you are unsure what…

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National Honor Society

National Honor Society: Application for 2021-22

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school learners. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those learners who…

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ASB Corner

GAME DAY RECAP Hello, High Schoolers! On February 26th, iLEAD ASB hosted a virtual game day where we met fellow iLEAD learners and played fun virtual games. We played Among Us,…

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LS March

High School Spotlight: Heather and Hope Hemsley

We are the Hemsley twins. Not only are we sisters, but we are also best friends. We share so many interests: musical theatre (acting, singing, and dancing), piano, volleyball, traveling,…

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Virtual Meet and Greet iLEAD Exploration

Scoir and YouScience

Scoir is an important communication hub for our high school learners provided at no cost. This amazing resource gives access to a college search tool, interactive tours of college campuses, student…

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High School Clubs iLEAD Exploration

Ongoing Club Updates

The Gaming Club is a place for gamers to hang out and have good times. We have tournaments, tips and tricks for some of your favorite games, and a community…

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College Fair

Searching for College in a Virtual World

Traditionally the college search centers around tours and visits. Visits help students understand the different college types: large vs small, universities vs. colleges, commuter vs. on campus. They also help students build application lists and…

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College Feb

Upcoming College Fairs and Events

On May 12, iLEAD and fellow California independent study charter schools will be hosting our own virtual event, so be sure to save the date! WACAC and NACAC fairs feature a…

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